Privacy statement of SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG

SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG takes the protection of personal data very seriously. We orientate our data handling toward the goal of collecting, processing, and using only that personal data that is necessary for a sensible and economical use of our offer.
In the following you learn when data is stored when using our internet offers and how we use it. We took technical and organizational measures to ensure that provisions for the protection of data are observed. Our offers are subject to the stipulations of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Tele Services Data Protection Act in particular.

Personal Data

SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG collects, processes and uses your personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Acts of the Federal Republic of Germany and privacy terms of the European Union. Personal data are information that can be found out by means of your identity. That includes i.e. names or address data. Information that can't directly be related to certain persons isn't included.
Basically, our online-services are useable without disclosure of your identity. In case of participation in one of our personalized services, you will be seperately asked for the data necessary for the execution of the services. It is subject to your decision to participate in these services and enter the relevant data.

Access to the data stored by us is only possible for a necessary number of especially authorized persons that are concerned with the technical, commercial, or editorial support of the server. We explicitly point out that the protection of data transfer in open networks like the internet can't be comprehensively guaranteed according to the present state of technology. Information stored on the servers of SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG can, from a technological point of view, possibly be viewed and changed by other participants on the internet. SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG has protected their servers against unauthorized access with well-proven and commonly used systems. When you access our servers, data for purposes of protection is stored that can possibly enable for an identification (i.e. IP-address, date, time, and pages viewed). These aren't used in a personalized context.

We carry out statistical analyses of the accesses to our pages for evaluation and continuing improvement of the quality of our internet services. This is partially carried out using the metering graphics on the pages of our services. Data attained in this manner is strictly anonymized and doesn't allow for conclusions on the personal data of the user. Your data are in no case used to develop user profiles, no matter which type.

Other persons can be invited to become members and view your online data with SiDiary Online at SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG. Personal data collected are exclusively used for the invitation and no other purposes by SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG.

Circulation of personal data to third parties
Basically we don't circulate personal data to third parties. In particular, no data is circulated to third parties for advertising purposes. Provided that you are using personal services of our offers, collection and circulation of personal data may be necessary for the procedure and execution of the service. However, these data are only stored and circulated to the extent necessary for processing an order. Issue of a specific declaration of consent is necessary when filling in the respective form. For the rest, third parties your data is given to when processing an order, are bound to the statutory provisions for handling of personal information, too. As far as we are legally obligated or by judicial decree, we circulate data to the respective bodies entitled to recieve information in the statutory extent.

Right to revocation
In case you left personal data with us, you can prompt that they are discarded at any time. As to that, one phone call with SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG suffices. Data for purposes of billing and accounting are exempt from a revocation or rather deletion.

SiDiary Online - Guidlines for the exchange of data with other persons
Users/patients can use SiDiary Online for exchanging data with the persons authorized by them (i.e. doctor, confidante). We point out that an association of personal data with health data must be technically possible, in order to enable your doctor to assign the data to the patient. However, SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG won't associate personal data with health data in a manner that other persons but the authorized doctor can associate health data with certain persons. Personell of SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG are instructed accordingly and bound to these data protection regulations.
In no case personal or health data are passed on to other third parties but the doctor authorized by you or other third parties entitled to recall the data. Access to the data contained in SiDiary Online is only possible after entry of the user ID and password. Doctors and confidants obtain access to the data, after you authorized them for access as your doctor, they are registered, and have confirmed their membership when logging in. Doctors and confidants can use SiDiary Online for data exchange with the patients who authorized them to access patient data.

Use of cookies
The services of SiDiary Online use cookies after you have logged in (with user ID and password), you can be identified with during your visit. A cookie is saved on your computer. After the end of the session, the cookie automatically expires. You can save this cookie with the function "log in on this computer automatically" permanently for an automatic registration. The cookie then contains parts of your registration data in code. Automatic registration on two (2) different computers is impossible in this case.

Log files
For each site view, access data is saved in a log file, the server log. The data record stored in doing so, contains the following data:
• Your IP-address (your computer can be clearly identified through this),
• the remote host (name and IP-address of the computer requesting the page),
• time, status, amount of data transferred, as well as the webpage, from where you got to the requested page (referrer), as well as
• product and version information of the browser used (user-agent).
SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG uses the standardized log file format of the web server for this purpose. SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG uses anonymized protocol data, thus without association with or indication of your person, for statistical purposes. In doing so, SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG can learn about on what days and times services of SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG are especially popular and what data volume is produced on the webpages of SINOVO. Furthermore, SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG can recognize possible defects by means of the log files, i.e. deficient links or program errors, and thus use the log files for advancing SiDiary Online webpages. SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG doesn't associate site views stored on the server log and utilizations with individual persons. Yet, SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG reserves to subsequently examine log files by means of the known IP-address of such users that raise suspicions on the grounds of certain circumstances of using SiDiary services illegally or in breach of contract. This acts as well as protection of the members of SiDiary, the safety of data of members of SINOVO, as well as the web sites and services of SiDiary.

Children under 18
Membership of SiDiary-Online services is exclusively reserved for persons of full age. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the protection of the privacy of their children. Persons under 18 should not transfer any personal data without the approval of parents or legal guardians. We don't request personal data of children, don't collect, and pass them on to third parties.

Links to other websites
As far as our internet pages contain links to the offers of other service providers, we can't guarantee and assume liability that these internet pages comply with legal regulations. Please inform yourself on the standards of data protection that apply in each case by means of the declaration of privacy policies on the respective websites.

These considerations are subject to the respective legal situation and can require adaptations. Please contact info@sinovo.net for questions, suggestions, or comments via E-mail.

October 2014