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DateKategorie VersionChanges
01.06.2022BeurerDriver6.0.30* Support for GL50 Evo 2.Generation
01.06.2022PCExe6.2.1345Update: Support for new file format of Medtronic Carelink Pro.
New: Import from Beurer GL 50 evo II (bigger memory).
Fix: Detection of Novo insulin pen failed under certain circumstances.
01.06.2022AsciiDriver6.0.130Update: Changed format for Medtronic Carelink Pro files.
13.05.2022PCExe6.2.1344New First release under MDR:
12.05.2022OpenSourceDriver1.0.24New: Import from Tandem Insulinpumps
New: Import from Dexcom-Receiver
Update: Import of carbs and insulin for Dexcom
05.05.2022SmartPixDriver6.0.72Update: Start message (for a few device types) for before import now indicates that the device needs to be switched on instead switched off.
05.05.2022OnlineOnline6.2.201Update: New About-Screen with UDI and address Bad Vilbel for MDR switch.
18.01.2022AsciiDriver6.0.129Update: New Format in Omron-App.
Update: Recognition of spanish Clarity files.
03.11.2021AsciiDriver6.0.127Update: Automatic recognition of Carelink Pro files with US format.
Fix: Tidepool-Import Type mismatch error under certain circumstances
Update: Compression of CGM data according to more settings.
Update: Adjustments for Carelink files with changed column layout.
Update: Surpressed POff/POn events from Tandem insulin pumps in auto mode with DiaSend import files..
Update: Improved Excel2CSV-Conversion.
Update: Beurer Wireless Connect optimized.
Update: Autom. Recognition of Dexcom Clarity Files after changes in the file format.
Fix: "Division by zero" error under certain circumstances while importing from Medtronic Carelink Pro.
Update: Import from BBraun Exportfiles and Glucofacts.
03.11.2021PCExe6.2.1343Update: Change of postal address.
Update: Import of Novo Nordisk NovoPen 6 & NovoPen Echo Plus optimized.
24.09.2021OmnipodDriver6.0.20New: Exception handling and error output for corrupted insulin pumps.
21.07.2021BionimeDriver6.0.28New: Ypsomed mylife Pura X added.
New: Bioseven lineaD EVO added.
New: Bioseven lineaD ORO added.
16.06.2021SmartPixDriver6.0.71New: Import from Accu-Chek Instant.
New: Import from ReliOn Platinum.
New: Import from Exacta Glance.
10.05.2021TaiDocDriver6.0.13New: Import from Frisomed Gluco Veritas.
25.03.2021AsciiDriver6.0.122Update: Autom. Recognition of Contour App files.
New: Import from Tidepool Online.
Update: Adjustments for changed Carelink file format.
Update: Improved detection of files.
18.03.2021PCExe6.2.1342Update: Passwort-Policy implementation (at least 8 characters, Upper-/Lower char, number, special char).
Update: Added input validation.
15.02.2021iSENSDriver6.0.9New: Import from Menarini Glucomen Day Meter.
05.02.2021PCExe6.2.1341New: Time-in-Range optional as a column with individual target range plus standard range (70-180).
Update: About-Screen with adjusted company name.
02.02.2021AsciiDriver6.0.120Update: Autom. detection of Omnipod Dash Exportdfiles.
Update: Import from Excel-Files without MsExcel/OpenCalc.
26.01.2021iSENSDriver6.0.8Update: Import from AlphaCheck Professional next generation.
05.01.2021OnlineOnline6.2.198Update: About-Screen
Update: Mobile-Screen updated
Update: New Defaults for statistiscs
Fix: 15 seconds delay after successful login
04.01.2021TaiDocDriver6.0.12New: Import from Beurer GL48 & GL49
29.12.2020SmartPixDriver6.0.70Update: Import of details regarding start/cancel of temporary basal rates.
25.11.2020OmnipodDriver6.0.19New: Support for Omnipod Dash.
29.10.2020AsciiDriver6.0.118Update: Improved recognition of mySugr files.
Update: Adjustments for Medtronic Carelink-Import after changes in export format.
Fix: Serial number from LibreView-Files was missing under certain circumstances.
29.10.2020PCExe6.2.1340Update: Automatic detection of connected i-SENS-devices.
Update: Favorite editing directly in device list.
Fix: Support for exotic date format settings.
Fix: GDT-Call for data retrieval.
27.10.2020VivaChekDriver6.0.5Update: Import from VivaChek Ino-devices with newer firmware.
08.09.2020PCExe6.2.1339Update: Changed Medtronic Carelink file format.
03.09.2020AsciiDriver6.0.115Update: Adjustments for changed Medtronic Carelink file format.
Update: Performance-Improvement for large amount of LibreView-Data.
Fix: Basalrates were not imported on systems with other regional settings.
Update: Glucomen Day Files with Linefeeds can now be imported.
26.08.2020iSENSDriver6.0.7New: Import from i-SENS Tee2.
New: Import from i-SENS Tee2+.
New: Import from i-SENS NoCoding1+.
New: Import from i-SENS Caresens N (HID).
New: Import from i-SENS Caresens Pop (HID).
New: Import from i-SENS Caresens N Premier.
New: Import from i-SENS Caresens Dual.
New: Import from Ypsomed mylife Aveo.
25.08.2020FreestyleDriver6.0.232Update: Import of Ketone-Data from Freestyle Neo.
17.07.2020SmartPixDriver6.0.69Update: Recognition of pump device with Smart Pix communication box 2. generation (black box).
14.07.2020PCExe6.2.1338Update: Performance-Improvements for 'Open patient screen' with a large number of patients.
Update: Performance-Improvements in logbook with CGMS data.
Update: New event definitions for Medtronic 670G (ClosedLoop Mode).
Update: Button "Create new folder" visible in folder picker screen.
Fix: Display Glucose-Calendar with mmol/L setting.
Fix: Import of CGMS-Data after switch to another patient during import (Pro version only).
Fix: Question-Frame was covered by CGMS graph in detailed logbook..
13.07.2020AsciiDriver6.0.114Update: Changed Medtronic Carelink file format.
Update: Autom. recognition of Polish Libre- and Eversense files.
Update: Import of averaged values (/15 minutes) for CGMS-values. Configurable.
New: Import from Dana RS (AnyDana App).
New: Import from Tandem t-Slim (DiaSend).
Update: Importing the serial number from DiaSend-files.
Update: Optimize textwidth for french translation.
Update: Import of Micro Bolus data from 670G in auto mode.
Update: Support for date format yyyy-mm-dd for LibreView.
Fix: Import of polish date values.
09.07.2020StadaDriver6.0.6New: Import from Trividia TrueMetrix.
New: Import from Trividia TrueMetrix Air.
New: Import from Trividia TrueMetrix. Go.
03.07.2020MSPDriver6.0.3New: Import from Glucosmart Salsa Connect.
02.07.2020WellionDriver6.0.7Fix: Import from Wellion Galileo mmol/L.
15.04.2020SmartPixDriver6.0.68Update: Adjustments for French user interface.
27.03.2020PCExe6.2.1337New: AGP-Representation V3 & V4 (10./90. and 5./95. percentile, can be switched with context menu).
New: Optimized AGP-Report.
New: Daily glucose profiles as calendar representation.
New: Optimized GDT-Export.
New: Automated background sync for HCPs.
Update: In SiDiary Pro optimized device detection.
Update: New Piechart type (Donut, can be switched with context menu).
Update: Improved patient selection & search.
26.03.2020AsciiDriver6.0.108Update: Import of weight data from Boso-App.
New: Automated detection of date format.
Update: Import of changed spanish files.
26.03.2020OnlineOnline6.2.194New: Data sharing with your HCP based on a HCP-ID.
17.02.2020TaiDocDriver6.0.11New: Import from GlucoRX Nexus Mini Ultra.
13.02.2020GlucoSmartDriver6.0.3Fix: Remark for readings with control solution was wrong.
30.01.2020BayerDriver6.0.103New: Import from Contour Plus Link 2.4.
New: Import from Contour Next 2.
New: Import from Contour Care.
16.01.2020DanaDriver6.0.4Update: HistoryCode 80 will now also be imported as pump on event.
08.01.2020PCExe6.2.1336New: Support of Micro-Bolus values from Medtronic 670G in Closed-Loop mode.
New: Automated file import by double-clicking any file containg diabetes data.
New: Desktop folder for file imports.
New: After import the patient selection can now always be changed in Pro version.
Update: Context sensitive click to open therapy goals within glucose profile statistics.
Update: Optimized GDT-Interface.
08.01.2020AsciiDriver6.0.106New: Import of Micro-Bolus values from Medtronic 670G.
Update: Adjustments for changed LibeView format.
Update: Filepicker-Filter for Carelink Pro enhanced.
Update: Adjustments for Carelink Online-Export.
Update: Adjustments for changed Eversense format.
07.01.2020TaiDocDriver6.0.10New: Import from Nipro 4sure Smart.
New: Import from GlucoRX Nexus Mini.
07.01.2020FreestyleDriver6.0.231New: Import from Freestyle Optium Neo.
16.12.2019LifescanDriver6.0.89New: Import from Lifescan OneTouch Verio Reflect.
Update: Adjusted no coding property of One Touch meters,.
21.11.2019PendiqDriver6.0.8Fix: Retrieval of serial number failed under certain circumstances.
Fix: Under certain circumstances, an overflow error could have happend during import.
19.11.2019NovoDriver6.0.0Neu: Import von NovoPen 6 und NovoPen Echo.
15.11.2019ApexDriver6.0.18New: Import from Wellion Galileo Compact.
13.11.2019WellionDriver6.0.6New: Import from Wellion Luna Trio.
06.11.2019StadaDriver6.0.5New: Import from Trividia True You.
31.10.2019PCExe6.2.1335New: Open therapy goals from GLucose profile statistics (Time in Range).
Update: Improved handling for GDT interface.
Fix: On certain Windows 10 systems SiDiary did not start.
31.10.2019TaiDocDriver6.0.9New: Import from Nipro 4Sure One.
New: Import from Nipro 4Sure Smart Duo.
New: Import from Nexus Gluco RX.
31.10.2019StadaDriver6.0.4New: Import from Nipro TRUEyou.
31.10.2019InfopiaDriver6.0.13New: Import from Infopia Finetest Lite.
31.10.2019BayerDriver6.0.102New: Import from Ascensia Contour Plus.
31.10.2019TerumoDriver6.0.13New: Import from Terumo Medisafe Fit.
New: Import from Terumo Medisafe Fit Smile.
10.10.2019AsciiDriver6.0.104Update: Omron-Imports now also work with XLSX files.
26.09.2019PCExe6.2.1334Fix: Workaround for Windows 10 API bugs and resulting crashes.
Fix: German umlauts when restoring from a cloud backup were UTF8 encoded.
Fix: Crash when Startup window was opened an a plugged-in device was found.
Fix: Color map in statistics time bar with white areas when scaling (>100% was activated).
Update: Improved Handling on imports from devices with misconfigured device time.
Update: Activation of a running instance when starting SiDiary twice.
Update: Import of the Libre reader serial number with automated Libre-Import.
Update: Report printing and preview with PDF engine on systems which only have WordPad (no Winword, OpenOffice).
Update: Sync- progress screen for screenreader mode.
Update: Filter changed for "File->Import"
20.09.2019BionimeDriver6.0.27Update: Import from mylife Unio Cara (shows progress).
20.09.2019AsciiDriver6.0.103Update: Support for changed format of Omron Connect App.
Update: Retrieval of serial number for changed format of G6 receiver label in export file.
Update:Support of VitaDock Online files with additional languages.
Update: Adjustments for Dexcom G6 export files.
Update: Performance-Improvement for LibreView-Import.
Update: Performance-Improvement for Dexcom-Import.
26.07.2019SmartPixDriver6.0.67New: Support for Smart Pix Model 2 communication box.
07.06.2019OnlineOnline6.2.193Fix: Thumbnails in log book caused an exception.
06.06.2019BayerDriver6.0.101Update: Illness-Marker will now be exported also as event for Contour USB and XT.
21.03.2019PrestigeIQDriver6.0.18Fix: Import from PrestigeIQ.
21.03.2019MenariniDriver6.0.43Update: Improved communication with ReliOn Confirm.
20.03.2019LifescanDriver6.0.88New: Additional marker import from OneTouch Ultra Plus Reflect.
14.03.2019ApexDriver6.0.17Update: Timingimprovement vor extraction of serial no. from Areo.
14.03.2019BayerDriver6.0.100Update: Improved BE/KE-Handling for Next USB, Next Link.
14.03.2019InfopiaDriver6.0.12New: Import from adia blood glucose meter.
14.03.2019PCExe6.2.1333Update: Freestyle Libre Import.
04.03.2019PendiqDriver6.0.7Update: additional performance improvements for pendiq 2.
04.03.2019PCExe6.2.1332Fix: Could not read data from file 'xxx'.
01.03.2019OnlineOnline6.2.192Update: Adaptation of unit notation mg/dL and mmol/L.
27.02.2019AsciiDriver6.0.101New: Import from Boso App
New: Import from Agamatrix Diabetes Manager App
Update: changed naming for Dexcom Clarity incl. G6
Update: Adjustments for changed LibreView file format (unit detection)
Update: Dexcom Clarity Import of insulin with subtypes
Update: Adjustments for Carelink file format
Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.)
26.02.2019WellionDriver6.0.4Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
25.02.2019PCExe6.2.1331New: Autom. detection of Freestyle Libre 2.
New: Summary line in statistics can now be clicked for a clipboard copy.
Neu: Autom. detection of Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Plus Flex.
Neu: Autom. detection of Lifescan OneTouch Select Plus Flex.
Neu: Autom. detection of Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Plus Reflect.
22.02.2019PendiqDriver6.0.6Update: Optimized communication with pendiq2 (newer firmware)
Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019FreestyleDriver6.0.230Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019YpsomedDriver6.0.3Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019VivaChekDriver6.0.4Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019TerumoDriver6.0.12Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019TaiDocDriver6.0.8Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019SilvaDriver6.0.8Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019StadaDriver6.0.3Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019SalterDriver6.0.3Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019PrestigeIQDriver6.0.17Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019OmnipodDriver6.0.17Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019OmronDriver6.0.11Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019MicrolifeDriver6.0.4Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019OKBiotechDriver6.0.3Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019MSPDriver6.0.2Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019MenariniDriver6.0.42Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019LifescanDriver6.0.87New: Import from Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Plus Reflect device.
Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019MedisenseDriver6.0.31Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019JavaMobileDriver6.0.62Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019iSENSDriver6.0.6Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019IMEDriver6.0.18Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019InfopiaDriver6.0.11Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019GlucoSmartDriver6.0.2Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019ezManagerDriver6.0.10Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019EPSDriver6.0.14Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019DeltecCozmoDriver6.0.37Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019CleverChekDriver6.0.6Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019DanaDriver6.0.3Update: Corrected assignment for pump off and pump on events.
Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019CareTecDriver6.0.13Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019BosoDriver6.0.29Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019BeurerDriver6.0.29Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019BionimeDriver6.0.25Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019BDDriver6.0.24Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019BBraunDriver6.0.11Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019BayerDriver6.0.99Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019ApexDriver6.0.16Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019AgamatrixDriver6.0.18Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019AconDriver6.0.7Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019AdvocateDriver6.0.4Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019AccuChekSwDriver6.0.10Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.2019SmartPixDriver6.0.66Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
21.02.201977ElektronikaDriver6.0.24Update: Copyright 2019 (+En.).
18.02.2019OnlineOnline6.2.191Update: Performance improvement sync interface for the apps.
19.12.2018PCExe6.2.1330New: Sensor gaps in CGMS/FGM data are colored.
New: Control page format (portrait/landscape) in statistics direct print via number of graphs.
New: Timeline in statistics
New: Animated statistics about time axis.
New: Combined graphs for CGMS/FGM evaluations (low glucose, time in target range, sensor coverage, etc.).
New: Basal information in combination with glucose profile.
03.12.2018AsciiDriver6.0.99Update: Import from changed LibreView-file format.
30.11.2018InfopiaDriver6.0.10Update: aktivmed GlucoCheck Excellent wasn't downloadable under certain circumstances.
20.11.2018PCExe6.1.1329Update: Adjusted Libre-Import for new Libre-SW-Version.
06.11.2018InfopiaDriver6.0.9Fix: Under certain circumstances the BBraun Omnitest 5 could not be downloaded.
31.10.2018PCExe6.1.1328New: Handling for mylife YpsoPump.
New: Dynamic scaling of basal rate area in detailed log-book
New: Basal rate in detailed log-book with hourly pump rates
29.10.2018AsciiDriver6.0.98Update: Import of Dexcom-Files from Es, F, It, NL, Nor, PL, Swe, Fin, Dan, Cz.
Update: Import from new Carelink Personal files.
29.10.2018YpsomedDriver6.0.1New: Import from mylife YpsoPump.
06.10.2018PCExe6.1.1327Update: Additional info about hourly rates for imported basal rates, incl. the total daily sum.
05.10.2018PCExe6.1.1326Update: Additional info about hourly rates for imported basal rates, incl. the total daily sum.
05.10.2018OmnipodDriver6.0.16Update: Import of total daily basal sum for programmed basal rates.
25.09.2018OnlineOnline6.2.190Update: Corrupt data records will not stop the entire sync anymore, but the valid data will be process completely.
13.09.2018OnlineOnline6.2.189Fix: In the Smartphone view it wasn't possible to edit the logbook data under certain circumstances.
11.09.2018BeurerDriver6.0.28New: Import from Beurer BM55.
11.09.2018PCExe6.1.1325Update: Auto-detection of Exchange-Files from Accu-Chek Smart Pix Software.
New: Import & Display of programmed basal profiles from pump devices.
Fix: Workaround for clipboard error during printing.
07.09.2018AsciiDriver6.0.97Update: Clarity-Import with exercise data includes now recognition of intensity (light, medium, heavy).
Update: Import of Diasend files with new structure.
Fix: Title of Clarity file selection window corrected.
Fix: Update for retrieving basal rate information from Carelink Pro.
Update: Improved detection of suspended pump states with Carelink Pro imports.
13.08.2018MenariniDriver6.0.41Update: Connection to ReliOn Prime with new EZ-Cable.
25.07.2018OmnipodDriver6.0.15Update: Import of the programmed basal rates.
17.07.2018SmartPixDriver6.0.65Fix: Import newer data only with direct import from AC Guide.
Update: Not only Stop-markers but also Pause-markers will be imported as POff-events.
16.07.2018DanaDriver6.0.2Update: Import of daily basal rates.
16.07.2018BionimeDriver6.0.24Update: Import from mylife Unio 2. generation.
19.06.2018AsciiDriver6.0.96New: Import from Ascensia Contour app.
New: Import from Eversense Online (Excel).
Update: Adjustments for changed Abbott LibreView file format.
Update: Adjustments for Carelink Personal file format.
Update: Enhancement for US-xDrip users.
19.06.2018PCExe6.1.1324Update: Performance-boost for loading the device list.
Update: Enhancement of GDT-Interface with calling code 6311 and toolbar button for sending PDF report.
Update: Added new support phone number.
12.06.2018MSPDriver6.0.1New: Import from MSP GlucoSmart Salsa.
04.06.2018SmartPixDriver6.0.64New: Import from Accu-Chek Guide with USB.
30.05.2018DanaDriver6.0.1New: Import von Dana Diabecare R
16.05.2018PCExe6.1.1323New: Connection Type BLE.
Update: Adjusted licence model.
16.05.2018TaiDocDriver6.0.7Update: Adjustment of manufacturer name.
30.04.2018PCExe6.1.1322New: Autom. detection of additional devices: Beurer GL40, GL43, GL44, Fora Diamond Mini USB, Prima DM10, Voice DM20, GD40, MSP Glucosmart Swing, Stada Glucoresult, Glucoresult ToGo, EU-Medical GL, aktivmed Glucocheck XL, Glucocheck Gold.
New: After the very first import of cgms data, a web manual will be shown.
30.04.2018AsciiDriver6.0.95Update: Retrieve serial no. from russian Carelink Personal files.
Fix: Eversense Import didn't recognize one import record at the beginning of the data list.
Update: Changes for new file format of LibreView data with additional import of carbs, insulin, remarks.
Update: Time frame of disconnected insulin pump was shown too short in SiDIary due to contradictory information in Carelink Pro.
20.04.2018AconDriver6.0.6New: Import from Acon On Call Express.
20.04.2018TaiDocDriver6.0.6New: Import from Testamed GlucoCheck Advance
11.04.2018ApexDriver6.0.15New: Import from GlucoMen areo 2K.
21.03.2018LifescanDriver6.0.86New: Import from OneTouch Select Plus Flex and OneTouch Ultra Plus Flex
05.03.2018StadaDriver6.0.2Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018SilvaDriver6.0.7Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018TaiDocDriver6.0.5Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018VivaChekDriver6.0.3Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018WellionDriver6.0.3Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018SalterDriver6.0.2Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018TerumoDriver6.0.11Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018PendiqDriver6.0.5Fix: Under certain circumstances the driver stopped to work with an overflow error.
Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018MenariniDriver6.0.40Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018MedisenseDriver6.0.30Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018MicrolifeDriver6.0.3Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018OKBiotechDriver6.0.2Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018PrestigeIQDriver6.0.16Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018OmnipodDriver6.0.14Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018OmronDriver6.0.10Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018ezManagerDriver6.0.9Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018LifescanDriver6.0.85Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018InfopiaDriver6.0.8Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018JavaMobileDriver6.0.61Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018iSENSDriver6.0.5Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018DeltecCozmoDriver6.0.36Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018FreestyleDriver6.0.229Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018IMEDriver6.0.17Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018EPSDriver6.0.13Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018GlucoSmartDriver6.0.1Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018CleverChekDriver6.0.5Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018BosoDriver6.0.28Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018BionimeDriver6.0.23Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018CareTecDriver6.0.12Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018BayerDriver6.0.98Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018BeurerDriver6.0.27Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018BDDriver6.0.23Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018AgamatrixDriver6.0.17Fix: Filter for irregular values from MyStarExtra device.
05.03.2018BBraunDriver6.0.10Update: Updated exe details.
05.03.2018PCExe6.1.1321Update: New toolbar button for sync and integrated sync progress window instead of topmost popup window.
Update: Alle executables are code signed now.
02.03.2018AconDriver6.0.5Update: Updated exe details.
02.03.2018AdvocateDriver6.0.3Update: Updated exe details.
02.03.2018AccuChekSwDriver6.0.9Update: Updated exe details.
02.03.2018SmartPixDriver6.0.63Update: Updated exe details.
27.02.2018AsciiDriver6.0.94Update: Dexcom G4 receiver can now also be imported by using Clarity.
New: Import from Abbott LibreView.
New: Import from mylife Software (Ypsopump).
Update: Renamed Dexcom-Clarity driver into G4 & G5.
Update: Renamed Eversense driver into Senseonics Eversense.
20.02.201877ElektronikaDriver6.0.23Update: Updated exe details.
20.02.2018ApexDriver6.0.14Update: Updated exe details.
05.02.2018PCExe6.1.1320New: Automatical detection of Lifescan devices OneTouch Verio, OneTouch Verio Flex und OneTouch Select Plus.
Update: Company logo.
25.01.2018AconDriver6.0.4Fix: 'Import only newer data' did not import any data on some devices.
23.01.2018AsciiDriver6.0.91Update: Import of exercise data from Carelink Personal.
29.12.2017PendiqDriver6.0.3New: Import from pendiq2
14.12.2017BayerDriver6.0.97New: Import from Ascensia Contour Next Link 2.4.
New: Import from Ascensia Contour Next One.
11.12.2017PCExe6.1.1319Update: Automatical detection of connected meters during the display of the quickstart window.
Update: Removed message for manual Abbott Libre import.
07.12.2017AsciiDriver6.0.90Update: Necessary adjustments for changed Dexcom Clarity files.
Update: Necessary adjustments for changed Eversense files.
Update: Separated import from Freestyle libre scan data and blood sugar measurements.
04.12.2017FreestyleDriver6.0.228Update: Automated import of Libre data from Freestyle Libre-Software.
22.11.2017BeurerDriver6.0.26New: Import from eu-medical easypharm-GL.
20.11.2017PCExe6.0.1318Update: Fully automated import from Freestyle Libre by using the Abbott software. New: Import from ReliOn Confirm, Prime & Ultima and BBraun Omnitest3 & 5. Fix: Key R in patient name Searchfield was ignogered. Fix: Tooltip 'First Step' in detailed logbook was covered by CGMS-curve under certain circumstances. Update: Showing the FAQ article for problems with Antivirus tools. Update: Display of blood glucose control measurements in CGMS-graph of detailed log-book for XDrip and Dexcom. Update: Polish language package.
15.11.2017AsciiDriver6.0.88Update: Renaming Bayer Contour Next Link 2.4 into Ascensia.
New: Import from Omron Connect.
New: Import from Nokia Health.
New: Import files can now also be processed as GZ- and Zip-files.
14.11.2017BayerDriver6.0.96Update: Changed readout for Contour XT.
19.09.2017InfopiaDriver6.0.7New: Import from BBraun Omnitest3 and BBraun Omnitest5.
11.09.2017MedisenseDriver6.0.29New: Import from ReliOn Ultima.
11.09.2017MenariniDriver6.0.39New: Import from ReliOn Confirm and ReliOn Prime.
06.09.2017OmnipodDriver6.0.13Fix: Poff / Pon basal profile curver over midnight.
05.09.2017AsciiDriver6.0.87Update: Glimp-Import with changed file format.
Update: Advanced Medisana pedometer-import.
New: Import from Omron Connect.
01.09.2017PCExe6.1.1317Update: Renamed Bayer devices into Ascensia.
Update: Watchdog disabled for connected Libre device.
18.08.2017BayerDriver6.0.94Update: Renamed Bayer devices into Ascensia.
16.08.2017WellionDriver6.0.2New: Import from Wellion Galileo und Wellion Leonardo meters with additional Cholesterol- and Ketone-data.
11.08.2017OnlineOnline6.2.184Update: Special characters in UDT and events for Slowenian language.
25.07.2017PCExe6.1.1316Update: Improved performance for UDT-sums in detailed logbook.
Fix: When switching between CGMS-view and standard grid view in detailed logbook the bolus row wasn't editable until displaying the next day's data or reopening the logbook.
24.07.2017FreestyleDriver6.0.227Update: Locked import from Freestyle Libre at USB port due to terminated Abbott licence agreement.
06.07.2017PCExe6.1.1315New: Possibility to sort user-defined datatypes in detailed logbook.
Fix: RAx-Placeholder in templates for more than 8 columns.
Fix: Line graph in statistics for numeric user-defined datatypes > 30,000.
New: Display of sums for numeric user-defined datatypes.
06.07.2017AsciiDriver6.0.86New: Import of Accu-Chek Eversense data.
Update: Dexcom Clarity G5-Import now suports new format with translated entries for exercises and carb intake.
Update: Carelink Personal Import now supports insulin data from Guardian Connect.
06.07.2017LifescanDriver6.0.84Update: Import of device serial number from Lifescan Verio, Verio Flex and Select Plus.
29.06.2017SmartPixDriver6.0.62New: Import from Accu Chek Guide by Smart Pix SW.
23.06.2017BionimeDriver6.0.22Update: CheckHIDDriver() created a dll error message on a few systems.
30.03.2017PCExe6.1.1314Update: Slovenian language pack.
Update: Detecting BG-Values in CGMS-Mode of detailed logbook can now work with multiple data sources (e.g. exchange of device reader of CGM-System).
09.03.2017AsciiDriver6.0.85Update: Importmodul for Decom G4 was adjusted to new XML-File format.
22.02.2017SmartPixDriver6.0.61Update: Insight-Import will now read more bolus details.
21.02.2017PCExe6.1.1313Fix: Optimized scaling in new GLucose Profile graph for mmol/l.
17.02.2017PCExe6.1.1312New: Glucose profile with Median and standard deviation.
Fix: Changes of patient name and birthdate can now be combined with other changes (for carb ratios etc.).
Fix: Under certain date settings on Hungarian systems data couldn't be saved in detailed log book.
Update: Languagepack SI thanks to Mrs. Mojca Seliskar.
Update: The CGMS-report will now also show days that have CGMS-data without any additional logbook entry.
New: Height for CGMS-graph in details logbook can now be configured
14.02.2017FreestyleDriver6.0.225Update: Internal marker for FGM values which where scanned and copied into blood glucose table.
Fix: Overflow error on imports with misconfigured device datetime.
06.02.2017AsciiDriver6.0.84Update: Glimp-CSV Version 2 can now be also imported.
New: Omron-Geräte RS8 und M400IT can now also be imported with the biLink-SW.
New: Bayer Contour Next Link 2.4 (über Carelink Personal) kann importiert werden.
26.01.2017OnlineOnline6.2.182New: Colorized displaying of dynamic CGMS-/FGM-values in CGMS-view of logbook screen.
New: Additional blood glucose level row in CGMS-View.
Fix: Under certain circumstances the recent user settings (statistics, trend etc.) weren't saved until next login session.
20.01.2017OmnipodDriver6.0.11Update: Temporary basal profile with value "off" will now be also added to the remarks.
23.12.2016TaiDocDriver6.0.4New: Download from Aktivmed GlucoCheck Gold is now possible.
03.12.2016PCExe6.1.1311New: Reports can now be created with descending date order.
New: Colorized displaying of dynamic CGMS-/FGM-values in CGMS-view of logbook screen.
New: Additional blood glucose level row in CGMS-View.
29.11.2016FreestyleDriver6.0.224Fix: Under certain circumstances a capillary value wasn't added to the blood glucose log-book.
23.11.2016AsciiDriver6.0.83New: Import from Glimp-App-Dropbox-File is possible now.
Update: Issue resolved with UTF8- escapes in data source.
Update: Support of changed file format of Omron BILink.
21.11.2016SmartPixDriver6.0.60New: Import from AccuCHek Aviva II meter.
18.11.2016BeurerDriver6.0.25New: Import from Beurer GL43 meter.
16.11.2016BionimeDriver6.0.17Update: Additional markers will be created.
01.11.2016PCExe6.1.1310Fix: PDF couldn't be created within the statistics window under certain circumstances.
25.10.2016AsciiDriver6.0.81New: Diasend driver.
Neuw Dexcom G5 (Clarity) driver.
06.10.2016PCExe6.1.1309New: Pictures can be saved to the detailed log-book.
Update: Search for meter drivers now also search in hidden drivers.
05.10.2016SmartPixDriver6.0.59Update: Implemented a workaround for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
26.09.2016AdvocateDriver6.0.2Fix: The last character of the serial number wasn't shown.
21.09.2016FreestyleDriver6.0.223Fix: Handling of incompletely received data streams.
13.09.2016PCExe6.1.1308New: USB2Com devices will be detected automatically when plugged in.
Update: Optimzation for program start sequence.
Update: Optimization for sync with online server.
Fix: Support of new Windows 10 date format setting for Norway.
Fix: mealtime relevant pie-charts didn't work in some print templates.
08.09.2016OnlineOnline6.2.180New: Additional statistics (total daily insulin dose, CGMS-graph)
New: CGMS-View in log-book screen (e.g. Freestyle Libre data graph in combination with carb intake, insulin shots etc.)
Fix: Axis-Label in line graph were overprinted and cut at the left.
New: Pictures can be added to logbook.
07.09.2016AsciiDriver6.0.80Update: Enhanced Diasend-Import for CGMS-data.
26.08.2016FreestyleDriver6.0.222Update: More detailed error information when communication fails.
23.08.2016OnlineOnline6.2.179Fix: When ansering a direct question from another patient's logbook an error occurred on sending under certain circumstances.
19.08.2016PCExe6.1.1307Update: The Direct Print from the statistics screen does now contain the time range of the graphed data.
Fix: TDD graphics did show the basal sum two times under certain circumstances.
Fix: Multiple display of already shown news entries.
16.08.2016AsciiDriver6.0.79Update: Support of new Dexcom XML-file-format.
09.08.2016PCExe6.1.1306Fix: A1c was missing in graphics of print outs.
Update: Statistics screen is now working with 4K resolution screens.
Fix: Special characters in czech language package in menu texts.
Fix: Min-/Max value is now checked only if at least anything was entered into a numeric udt input field in single entry screen.
Update: Language packs for NL and Cz were updated.
Fix: CGMS-AddIn (couldn't calculate A1C after change of patient).
Update: PP-Trend calculation will now find more pp situations.
08.08.2016SmartPixDriver6.0.58Update: Enhanced import of additional comments and bolus information for AccuChek Insight.
08.08.2016FreestyleDriver6.0.221Fix: Libre-Import of blood glucose levels will now be limited to 20mg/dl instead of 40 mg/dl before which only applies to sensor data.
Update: Insulin data will now also be imported from Freestyle Neo meter.
Update: Libre-Import will now also read the 6 user-defined remarks/smart tags.
01.08.2016AsciiDriver6.0.78New: Import from mySugr files.
27.05.2016PCExe6.1.1305Fix: With active Windows zooming for fontsize, the user interface had smaller glitches(pull-down frames, logbook, Trend text word wrap).
Update: Backgroundprocess was optimized for smaller CPU usage and IO-traffic.
18.05.2016PCExe6.1.1304New: Fresh new design of graphical user interface.
New: Several improvements for usage on Windows-tablet devices with touch interface.
New: Abbott Freestyle Libre direct meter download from USB-port.
New: New detail log-book with special mode for CGMS-/FGM-users.
New: Print template for CGMS-/FGM-users.
New: New line graph for total daily insulin dose.
New: Tracked events will be shown in line graph.
New: Optional rating of the software.
New: Optional software telemetry.
Update: Several improved language packs (EN, ES, RU, HU, F, I, CZ).
Neu: Several new import drivers (see detailed changelog).
13.05.2016AsciiDriver6.0.77Fix: The Carelink personal export file wasn't readable correctly in some translated export versions.
Update: New Omron Wellness App-Format.
Update: Withings-Import can now read new csv-format.
Fix: VitaDock Online files wouldn't be imported if no insulin information was included with the file.
Fix: Dexcom-Import didn't parse Low-values in mmol/l.
10.05.2016FreestyleDriver6.0.220New: Import from Abbott Freestyle Libre directly at USB port without original Abbott-Software.
Update: Freestyle Insulinx can now import meter Tags as event data types into SiDiary.
22.04.2016SmartPixDriver6.0.57Fix: Very large files from AccuChek Software couldn't be imported.
18.02.2016OnlineOnline6.2.177New: Stronger encryption for communication interface with the apps.
Update: Scrollbar in daily log book for large grids with many columns.
19.01.2016IMEDriver6.0.16Update: New device generation of i-Dia meter can now also be downloaded.
09.12.2015FreestyleDriver6.0.219Update: Optional import of smart tags from Freestyle Insulinx.
08.12.2015BeurerDriver6.0.24Update: Next generation of BM58 & BC58 devices can now be imported as native USB device.
01.12.2015PCExe6.0.1303Update: Several new import possibilities.
Fix: Configuration-Fileclass
30.11.2015BionimeDriver6.0.16Update: Bionime GM550 and mylife Pura are now providing also the meter serial no.
30.11.2015OnlineOnline6.2.176Update: Security-Updates.
Update: Changed user search.
25.11.2015SmartPixDriver6.0.56Fix: Under certain circumstances not all blood glucose levels were imported from Smart Pix software files.
24.11.2015AsciiDriver6.0.76New: Import from Omron Wellness App Exportfile Version 2.
New: Import of Beurer weight scale data from Beurer Health Manager.
New: Import of pedometer data from Vitadock Online.
13.11.2015BayerDriver6.0.93Update: Dumpfile-Support
16.10.2015PCExe6.0.1302Fix: Update-Tool did not start with Administrator rights under Windows 10.
Fix: Date filter within statistics for laboratory values didn't select values for the last date of the filter.
Fix: Display of AddIn certificates had an issue with Hungarian date settings and Windows 10.
Fix: Trend settings screen for AddIns crashed when not a single AddIn is installed.
15.10.2015SmartPixDriver6.0.55New: Import from Accu-Chek Smart Pix Software.
14.10.2015OmnipodDriver6.0.8New: Temp. changes of basal rate will now be imported to remakrs.
05.10.2015PCExe6.0.1301Fix: Rounding gap with Bolus and Basal total in detail log-book.
Update: New parameter for print templates, referencing the chained modal day graphic.
Fix: New default date format for hungarian settings with Windows 10 caused display errors.
29.09.2015OmnipodDriver6.0.7Update: Event-Markers will now be imported for other languages from the ibf database.
10.09.2015PCExe6.0.1300Update: Registration process for tenants.
11.08.2015LifescanDriver6.0.83New: Import from OneTouch Verio, OneTouch Select Plus and OneTouch Verio Flex.
11.08.2015PCExe6.0.1299Update: Enhanced recognition of operating system version for Windows 10
Update: Enhanced system driver alternatives for Prolific-chipsets for Windows 10
Update: New settings in statistics for grid lines at midnight instead of noon.
Update Temporary change of basal rate will now also be saved as a remark.
New: Date of last meter import will now be synchronized with other desktop platforms.
10.08.2015ApexDriver6.0.13Fix: Import of P2 event from Menarini Glucomen Areo.
06.08.2015AsciiDriver6.0.75Update: optional import of just newer data since last import.
29.07.2015AdvocateDriver6.0.1New: Download from Redi-Code+ meter.
20.07.2015PrestigeIQDriver6.0.15Update: Spelling changed to STADA.
20.07.2015PCExe6.0.1298Update: Automatic recognition of newer data from an Accu-Chek INsight insulin pump. von neuen Daten aus der Accu-Chek Insight Pumpe.
16.07.2015SmartPixDriver6.0.54New: Import from Accu-Chek Insight.
14.07.2015OmnipodDriver6.0.6Update: Serial number from Omnipod will be imported now.
09.07.2015StadaDriver6.0.1New: Import from Stada Gluco Result and Stada Gluco Result To Go Plus.
25.06.2015VivaChekDriver6.0.2New: New VivaChek Ino generation now also allows to download the meter serial number..
19.06.2015SmartPixDriver6.0.53Update: Note about correct meter configuration for Accu-Chek Mobile II and Aviva Connect.
27.05.2015VivaChekDriver6.0.1New: Download from Vivahek Ino.
27.05.2015PCExe6.0.1297Update: Manually scanned Freestyle Libre values will be copied to the blood glucose log book optionally.
Update: Updated language package for Netherlands. THanks to Tom Verlinden.
21.05.2015BeurerDriver6.0.23New: Download from Beurer GL50evo.
20.05.2015OKBiotechDriver6.0.1New: Download from OK Biotech Diacont meter.
18.05.2015AsciiDriver6.0.74Update: Glucose levels which were scanned manually with the Libre reader can now also be imported as glucose values instead of CGMS data only.
24.04.2015ApexDriver6.0.12New: Import from Arkray Glucocard Expression.
23.04.2015OnlineOnline6.2.175Update: Switched Google login from Open ID 2.0 to Open ID Connect.
21.04.2015MenariniDriver6.0.38New: Import from Axonlab Glucocard X-mini plus glucose meter.
26.03.2015SmartPixDriver6.0.52Fix: Abnormal Driver Termination in case that there ware stored several files on the SMartPix reader from more than 4 Accu-Chek devices (including a pump memory dataset)
24.03.2015PCExe6.0.1296New: French and Italian online-help and manual.
17.03.2015PCExe6.0.1295Fix: Overflow-Error in blood pressure statistics.
Fix: Export of AD data exported data from the start date just from the current system clock instead of starting at midnight.
Change: Line graph for CGMS data does now show blood glucose readings only if those where not extracted with the CGMS-AddIn.
Fix: Focus-Handling between Statistic-Screen and Logbook-Screen while entering data.
Update: Optimized online sync for large data files (CGMS data etc.)
02.03.2015AsciiDriver6.0.73New: Import from Withings Activité.
New: Import from Omron Wellness App.
Update: Medtronic-Import does recognize now additional markers.
New: Import from Medisana VitaDock Online.
Fix: Import for Dexcom G4 with mmol/l settings.
27.02.2015ApexDriver6.0.11New: Import from Menarini Glucomen areo.
02.12.2014PCExe6.0.1294New: Direct print from Statistics screen creates PDF files directly without additional PDF-printer tools.
New: CGMS line graph does now show also blood glucose data points within the same graph for comparison.
Fix: UDT-Export templates containing UDT-references which doesn't exist for the current patient were wrong addressed.
02.12.2014AsciiDriver6.0.72Fix: Basal values from Abbott Freestyle Libre were imported with half values.
28.11.2014SmartPixDriver6.0.51Fix: In "SmartPix-Import" mode the date of newest record did not reflect carbs and insulin records for COmbo import files.
21.11.2014MenariniDriver6.0.37New: Import from Arkray Glucocard 01 & Arkray Glucocard Vital.
14.11.2014PCExe6.0.1293New: Download from Accu-Chek Aviva Connect.
Update: Changed legal entitiy into SINOVO GmbH & Co. KG.
Fix: Sync did stop when Nutrition.dat file was deleted in local data folder.
Fix: The trend analysis did show the detailed protocol for the post prandial levels in mg/dl only.
14.11.2014AsciiDriver6.0.71New: Import from Abbott Freestyle Libre.
New: Import from Beurer Wireless Connect.
New: Import from Beurer Health Manager.
22.10.2014SmartPixDriver6.0.50New: Download from Aviva Connect meter.
10.10.2014PCExe6.0.1292Fix: Cyrillic characters in Direct-Print from Statistics screen.
New: Portuguese nutrition database.
Update: Romanian translation package.
10.10.2014PCExe6.0.1292Fix: Cyrillic characters in Direct-Print from Statistics screen.
New: Portuguese nutrition database.
Update: Romanian translation package.
06.10.2014PCExe6.0.1291Fix: Profile Wizard recalculated irregularly twice the target range from mg/dl into mmol/l.
Fix: Reports with Trend details were incorrect for cyrillic characters.
Update: In case of maintenance downtime of SiDiary Online the desktop app will interrupt the automated sync and show the time window for the maintenance.
Update: French language package and several adjustements all over the program for displaying larger text amount.
New: Romanian language package, thanks to Alexandru Mihaila.
16.09.2014AsciiDriver6.0.67New: Detection of change of ampoule and battery.
11.09.2014OnlineOnline6.2.173Update: Internal Admin-Functionality
Update: Performance-Optimization
Update: Calendar-object with first day of week (Monday/Sunday) depending on selected date format.
New: Reports will noe be created immediately depending on the server load or asynchronously.
New: Reports can now be created also for patients who have released their data to you.
01.07.2014PCExe6.0.1290New: Meter download from MSP GlucoSmart Swing.
Fix: Calendar tooltip text wasn't set properly for some languages.
Update: Import of basal profile records will be rejected for today's record to avoid partially daily sums.
18.06.2014AsciiDriver6.0.66Fix: Workaround for System-API, which caused an "Out-of-stack-space"-error on some Windows systems.
New: Import from Soehnle body weight scales.
New: Import from Omron BILink V1.6.
12.06.2014SmartPixDriver6.0.49Update: Basal rate data from the most recent day will not be imported to avoid just partial daily sums.
12.06.2014LifescanDriver6.0.82Fix: Driver process wasn't terminated properly when showing the "More settings" screen.
12.06.2014GlucoSmartDriver6.0.0New: Import from GlucoSmart Swing meter.
28.04.2014PCExe6.0.1289Fix: AutoDetect of Bayer Contour Next.
28.04.2014BayerDriver6.0.92Fix: Import from Bayer Next USB showed up with a DLL error.
08.04.2014BayerDriver6.0.91New: Download from Bayer Contour Next meter.
07.04.2014PCExe6.0.1288Update: Setting for avoiding duplicate records during meter import will now be saved.
Neu: Automatical recognition of Abbott Freestyle Insulinx, Abbott Freestyle Precision Neo and Bayer Contour Next.
07.04.2014FreestyleDriver6.0.218Update: Read out the serial number from Freestyle Insulinx and Precision Neo.
03.04.2014PCExe6.0.1287Fix: The notification screen for the integrated translation module showed up with an unreadable button label for Russian language.
Fix: Increase of timeout for nutrition data sync.
27.03.2014FreestyleDriver6.0.217Fix: Overflow Error.
18.03.2014BayerDriver6.0.90New: Import from Bayer Contour Next Link meter.
12.03.2014ApexDriver6.0.10New: Download from MED TRUST Wellion Calla mini.
10.03.2014AsciiDriver6.0.65New: Import of Withings new file formats V2, V3 und V4.
Update: Renamed Insulinx driver into Insulinx (File).
07.03.2014PCExe6.0.1286Fix: "Import now" message for OneTouch Ultra Smart didn't show up in selected GUI language but German.
Fix: Added values in detailed logbook with seting "Real day" after midnight on last day of the month.
Change: Timeout for sync of single files is now calculated dynamically from file size.
New: SiDIary is now also syncing the nutrition database to the online user profile for use with the apps.
Fix: In blind mode the Extras menu wasn't labelled properly.
New: An import of pumper data will make SiDiary recognize the current patient as pumper automatically.
07.03.2014WellionDriver6.0.1New: Download from Wellion Luna Duo Style.
07.03.2014AgamatrixDriver6.0.16New: Download from Sanofi MyStar Extra.
Change: Added manufacturer name MED TRUST for Wellion devices.
20.02.2014FreestyleDriver6.0.216New: Import from Fresstyle Insulinx (an USB) meter.
New: Import from Freestyle Precision Neo meter.
13.01.2014LifescanDriver6.0.81Fix: OneTouch Ultra Easy import didn't recognize the option "newer records only".
08.01.2014PCExe6.0.1285Fix: Display of basal profiles wasn't properly initialized on load of the basal profile management screen.
06.01.2014PCExe6.0.1283Update: Renewal of the expired AddIn-Certificates.
New: GDT-Interface for Professional Version.
Update: Online-Help-IDs (mlS)
Fix: Under certain circumstances the scrollbars were flickering when they were changed.
19.12.2013OnlineOnline6.2.169Fix: Navigation buttons in logbook screen didn't work in IE10/11.
28.11.2013PCExe6.0.1280Fix: Selection of Turkish language pack crashed on a Non-Turkish Windows.
Update: Detection of meter devices which can be downloaded automatically will check when a patient was opened before.
New: If Word makes SiDiary freeze during report creation, SiDIary will start the next report without usage of Word.
Fix: Application crashed under certain circumstances on using a support service PIN.
New: Transfer of a bolus to the logbook.
Update: Recognition of double values will now also detect similar values with other decimal character (e.g. 2,5 and 2.5)
Fix: When exporting data for a time range without any records the time range was shown inapropriate.
06.11.2013OnlineOnline6.2.168Update: Limit for entry of blood glucose levels to 1000 mg/dl.
Fix: The IWK-Layout for mobile devices didn't reflect the UDT-Settings for showing no single UDT row.
Fix: When entering a UDT value in the single data entry screen which is outside the Min/Max boundaries no warning message was shown.
06.11.2013OnlineOnline6.2.168Update: Limit for entry of blood glucose levels to 1000 mg/dl.
Fix: The IWK-Layout for mobile devices didn't reflect the UDT-Settings for showing no single UDT row.
Fix: When entering a UDT value in the single data entry screen which is outside the Min/Max boundaries no warning message was shown.
22.10.2013PCExe6.0.1279New: Meter import filters for datatype and for time range can now be combined.
22.10.2013PCExe6.0.1278Fix: With Russian user interface the last row of the bolus calculation was cut.
Fix: AddIn-Broker for DotNet. Method call RequestData() for type safe data.
16.10.2013PCExe6.0.1277Fix: Update-Check didn't show up under certain circumstances though the server has a newer version.
Update: Improvement of the slovakian language package.
14.10.2013AsciiDriver6.0.64Update: Carelink Personal-Import now also supports cyrillic UTF8-files.
02.10.2013OnlineOnline6.2.167Update: Check for double values now recognizes values with and without hypo sign to be doubled (e.g. 65 and 65-). Previously both values were stored in the log book.
01.10.2013SmartPixDriver6.0.48Fix: Compressing for Pump Off/On events didn't work if these 2 events were the very last entries in SmartPix.
18.09.2013PCExe6.0.1276Fix: The import module created an overflow under certain circumstances for the table of imported device serial numbers.
New: Boluscalculator now shows also correction fragments lower than 0.5 units.
Update: Slovakian Language package, thanks to Patrik Zverbik.
06.09.2013OnlineOnline6.2.166New: Improved OpenID-Login for Google, Facebook, Yahoo.
27.08.2013AsciiDriver6.0.63Update: Renamed Dexcom Seven Plus to Seven Plus / G4.
20.08.2013PCExe6.0.1275New: Driver for Wellion Luna Duo meter included.
New: When adding the very first basal profile the pump settings screen will be shown automatically to adjust the pump settings.
Fix: Call for Device-Manager in Com-port selection screen changed.
Fix: Cyrillic characters will now be escaped in RTF-Output.
New: Input validation for bg levels.
13.08.2013WellionDriver6.0.0New: Downloads from Wellion Luna Duo.
28.06.2013AsciiDriver6.0.62Update: Bodytel-Import will now recognize blood pressure data too.
27.06.2013TaiDocDriver6.0.3Fix: Device pictures for DM10 and DM20.
25.06.2013PCExe6.0.1274Fix: App crash in detailed log book screen on very small displays.
Update: Bosnian language pack.
New: Complete Russian manual and context sensitive online help.
New: Added new PDF engine without external tools.
21.06.2013AsciiDriver6.0.61Fix: Medtronic import hang in endless loop under certain circumstances.
17.06.2013BeurerDriver6.0.22Update: Improved download for Bx58 devices series.
28.05.2013OnlineOnline6.2.165Fix: Carbs/Exchanges-Label in single data entry screen.
Fix: Under certain circumstances an additional grid was missing in the report for Novo-style with 8 columns
27.05.2013PCExe6.0.1273New: Close Patient menu.
New: Added new data source: Windows Phone .
Fix: Crash on saving settings when no patient was opened before.
Fix: Slovenian systems button flickering.
Fix: Ru systems frame flickering.
Fix: Rounding issue for daily sums with delayed bolus (like 5.1>)
24.05.2013OmnipodDriver6.0.5Fix: Next-Button wasn't enabled under certain circumstances when a connected PDM was recognized.
22.05.2013ApexDriver6.0.9Fix: Calla Premium, Calla Dialog download.
07.05.2013OmronDriver6.0.9Fix: Option for importing only newer data since last import.
30.04.2013iSENSDriver6.0.4Update: New device generation with 1,000 records memory size instead of 500.
29.04.2013PCExe6.0.1272Fix: Button flickering on Russian systems.
Fix: Rounding of daily sums of carb exchanges in detailed logbook.
Fix: The detailed logbook didn't show the daily sum of the 2. med in case that the 1. med was never tracked on this day.
Fix: Abbott-USB-Cable detection on Win7/8.
16.04.2013AsciiDriver6.0.60New: Event-Assignment for iBGStar-Import for additional languages.
Update: Import of LOW levels as numeric values (40 mg/dl).
16.04.2013OnlineOnline6.2.164New: Automatical update of the fileversion flag in case that the PC is syncing an older or broken profile file.
16.04.2013InfopiaDriver6.0.6New: Progress (in percent) is now shown during import.
21.03.2013PCExe6.0.1271New: Direct restore function from a SiDiary Online account on machines with clean install.
New: Settings for exchange units etc. are now synced with SiDiary Online too.
Fix: Russian Codepage was missing in RU-language pack.
Update: CHinese name layout.
Fix: BMI-Calculator had wrong codepage for Russian.
Fix: Update-Tool didn't start on Korean/Chinese Windows.
Fix: Bluetooth-Com-Ports weren't shown in the selection list on Windows 8 systems.
Fix: Default-Button wasn't shown properly on Windows 8 systems.
21.03.2013PCExe6.0.1271New: Direct restore function from a SiDiary Online account on machines with clean install.
New: Settings for exchange units etc. are now synced with SiDiary Online too.
Fix: Russian Codepage was missing in RU-language pack.
Update: CHinese name layout.
Fix: BMI-Calculator had wrong codepage for Russian.
Fix: Update-Tool didn't start on Korean/Chinese Windows.
Fix: Bluetooth-Com-Ports weren't shown in the selection list on Windows 8 systems.
Fix: Default-Button wasn't shown properly on Windows 8 systems.
21.03.2013BeurerDriver6.0.21Update: Recognition of a chinese OS.
21.03.2013iSENSDriver6.0.3Update: Recognition of Control solution tests for newer meter devices which are supporting this flag.
21.03.2013TaiDocDriver6.0.2Update: Recognition of chinese OS.
Fix: Wording USB instead of Com-Port.
21.03.2013LifescanDriver6.0.80Update: Import from OTEasy, VerioPro, VerioIQ P1/P2-Events without remarks.
21.03.2013BayerDriver6.0.89Fix: Message USB instead of serial com port for Contout USB/Next USB.
19.03.2013BionimeDriver6.0.15Update: Recognition of a chinese OS.
19.03.2013ApexDriver6.0.8Update: Recognition of a chinese OS.
15.03.2013PCExe6.0.1270Fix: Ads weren't displayed properly on CJK-Systems.
Update: USB-screen showing a standard info message when the required Windows-driver is already installed.
Fix: Windows 8 Button-Class.
Fix: Tab character in UDT values caused a wrong column order in the grids.
Fix: Starting on a system with broken DotNet configuration will automatically disable SiDiarys's DotNet AddIn bridge.
15.03.2013TaiDocDriver6.0.1New: Download from Fora Diamond Prima, Fora Diamond Voice, Fora GD40, Fora Diamond Mini (BT+USB)
New: Download from Aktivmed GlucoCheck XL
14.03.2013AsciiDriver6.0.59New: Import from csv-data for Aponorm Professional.
Update: Medisana VitaDock now imports additional details.
12.03.2013BeurerDriver6.0.20Update: Additional boundary check for data from AS50.
08.03.2013OnlineOnline6.2.163Fix: Logo within email notifications was displayed as broken link under certain circumstances.
Update: Enhancement of the sync interface for the new Android version.
07.03.2013LifescanDriver6.0.79Fix: OneTouch UltraEasy, UltraMini, Select Mini couldn't be imported under certain circumstances.
28.02.2013PCExe6.0.1269Update: Check for inaccurate meter date/time now considers the meter memory size.
Fix: After Re-Installation an error (file not found) was displayed once.
27.02.2013PCExe6.0.1268New: Windows system drivers for devices can now be downloaded and installed automatically.
Update: Simplified SmartSync screen.
Neu: Switch language with flag icon in status bar.
Fix: Changes of the serial bluetooth com ports were not shown in the selection list automatically.
Fix: Update Check screen didn't show up when internet connectivity wasn't available for more than 7 days.
Update: Language packs for Finnish, Russian and Slowensky.
Update: Wording in profile screen, when using carbs instead of exchanges.
15.02.2013AsciiDriver6.0.58Fix: iBGStar-Import of Hi/Lo levels.
14.02.2013BionimeDriver6.0.14New: Import from Unio-meter.
New: Compatibility for CJK-Systems.
01.02.2013LifescanDriver6.0.78New: Support for Hungarian language package.
01.02.2013AsciiDriver6.0.57New: Support for Hungarian language package
01.02.2013OmnipodDriver6.0.4Update: BG tags will now be imported in additional languages.
Fix: Driver task wasn't unloaded entirely.
31.01.2013PCExe6.0.1267New: Country flags for several languages.
Update: Spanish and French language package.
New: AddIn-Configtool and update process will be started with elevated rights.
New: Tooltip in Profile screen as a notification to add new types of insulin/pills.
29.01.2013LifescanDriver6.0.77Fix: Import of OneTouch UltraMini and OneTouch SelectMini wasn't started.
17.01.2013PCExe6.0.1266New: Hungarian translation package.
Update: Driver-Link for Verio Pro.
New: Hotkey for translation window (now it can be started from within modal windows).
New: Recognition of Windows 8, Buttons using system default layout.
Update: Spanish translation package.
Update: French translation package.
Fix: A locked patient caused a doubled notification popup message.
Update: The update tool now checks for still running SiDiary instances before it starts to update.
16.01.2013LifescanDriver6.0.76Fix: Import Verio Pro/IQ ignored setting for "import newer data only"
15.01.2013OnlineOnline6.2.161New: iBGStar.Import with T8 (night) event.
Fix: Broken image URL in email notifications.
11.01.2013OnlineOnline6.2.160Fix: In the single data input screen the edit fields weren't be cleared after saving under certain circumstances.
10.01.2013OnlineOnline6.2.159Update: Admin-Functionality.
09.01.2013FreestyleDriver6.0.215Update: Support for CJK-Systems.
07.01.2013OnlineOnline6.2.158Fix: Error message on login due to a locked ini file.
Update: Language text corrections for error messages.
Update: Error-Logging for email import.
24.12.2012iSENSDriver6.0.2Update: Caresens Voice graphic.
22.12.2012PCExe6.0.1265Fix Statistics- & Print-Screen were opened in fullscreen mode.
21.12.2012PCExe6.0.1264New: Improved function "Make your stick".
New: Improved update funtion.
Update: Delay for opening data email attachments for addressing slow response times from disk/network media.
Fix: Context sensitive help in mode for blind people.
Update: Chinese translation.
05.12.2012OnlineOnline6.2.157Update: Improved performance, small layout adjustments.
30.11.2012AsciiDriver6.0.56New: Animas Vibe import reads now CGMS data too.
Fix: Glloko-Import of notes on US-Regional settings.
24.10.2012PCExe6.0.1263Fix: Send data with password protection didn't recognize upper/lower characters.
17.10.2012LifescanDriver6.0.75New: Support for OneTouch Select Mini and OneTouch UltraMini.
09.10.2012iSENSDriver6.0.1New: Support for iSENS alphacheck professional, CareSens II, CareSens N, CareSens N Link, CareSens N Pop and CareSens N Voice.
09.10.2012AgamatrixDriver6.0.15Update: Creating a communication dump with a service pin.
09.10.2012PCExe6.0.1262Update: Recognizing the zero-click driver as an USB-Com port too.
05.10.2012AsciiDriver6.0.55Update: Recognition of the Night-Event for imports from iBGStar.
04.10.2012PCExe6.0.1261New: Automatical detection of Bayer Contour Next USB.
Fix: Carbs/Exchanges-Calculator.
02.10.2012AconDriver6.0.3New: Downloading data from Acon OnCall Vivid & OnCall Platinum.
02.10.2012BeurerDriver6.0.19Update: Pedometer AS50 wasn't recognized on all Windows systems.
27.09.2012ApexDriver6.0.7New: Support for Medcore GlucoSure Max.
Fix: Corrected number of imported records on a partially filled meter memory.
Update: Support for CJK-Windows platforms.
27.09.2012BayerDriver6.0.88New: Support for Bayer Contour Next USB.
25.09.2012PCExe6.0.1260Fix: Print-out of daily insulin sums showed a wrong sum for tracked values like 28-2.
Update: Slovakian Language package, thanks to Jozef Janec.
Update: New service pins.
18.09.2012AsciiDriver6.0.54Update: Driver for Freestyle Insulinx will now import carb exchanges also.
Update: Driver for Medisana VitaDock will now import blood pressure data also.
Update: Driver for Dexcom will now import G4 sensor data also.
31.08.2012PCExe6.0.1259Fix: Regional settings for Slovakia caused some short date problems on data import.
New: New device classes in profile device selection screen.
New: Confirmation message before deleting a medication entry (Screen for maintenance of insulin and pills).
New: Carb-Calculator is now able to use the amount of exchanges to calculae the amount of total gramms of a meal.
29.08.2012BeurerDriver6.0.18Update: Checksum-Control BM70.
27.08.2012BayerDriver6.0.87New: Support for Bayer Contour XT.
15.08.2012LifescanDriver6.0.74New: Support for OneTouch Verio IQ.
05.07.2012BionimeDriver6.0.13New: Ypsomed mylife GM300 is downloadable.
27.06.2012PCExe6.0.1258New: The "Send data by email" function allows to send also a PDF report attached to the email.
Change: Trend analysis now compare time ranges without the current partial day.
Update: Trend screen will refresh automatically after entering new logbook data.
Update: Spanisch language package.
25.06.2012AsciiDriver6.0.52New: Import data from Glooko logbook app.
New: Withings Blood pressure import now supports both server exports and app export.
25.06.2012OmnipodDriver6.0.3Fix: The driver aborted with an overflow message in case that the Omnipod was not used for more than some weeks.
21.06.2012AconDriver6.0.1New: Download data from Acon OnCall Plus and TESTAmed GlucoCheck Plus.
14.06.2012BeurerDriver6.0.17Fix GL50-Download did not start under certain circumstances.
11.06.2012ApexDriver6.0.5New: Download data from MedCore Care meter.
24.05.2012PCExe6.0.1257New: Click on the basal profile graph in the detail logbook screen to open the basal profile screen.
New: [USED_EVENTS] can be used in print-outs to get the event codes which were used on that day.
New: UDTs that were added during an import will now be visible in the detailed logbook automatically.
Fix: App crash when deleting data in datalist view under certain circumstances.
Fix: Basal profile wasn't refreshed always on a patient switch.
Update: Changed rounded daily sums of insulin in detail logbook screen for non-pumpers.
Fix: Missing translation for Password strength in "Send Data" screen.
24.05.2012PCExe6.0.1257New: Click on the basal profile graph in the detail logbook screen to open the basal profile screen.
New: [USED_EVENTS] can be used in print-outs to get the event codes which were used on that day.
New: UDTs that were added during an import will now be visible in the detailed logbook automatically.
Fix: App crash when deleting data in datalist view under certain circumstances.
Fix: Basal profile wasn't refreshed always on a patient switch.
Update: Changed rounded daily sums of insulin in detail logbook screen for non-pumpers.
Fix: Missing translation for Password strength in "Send Data" screen.
24.05.2012AsciiDriver6.0.51Update: New export file format of iBGStar app is supported.
New: Download from Omron blood pressure devices M9 Premium, BP791IT, Elite 7300IT, HEM-637, HEM-670IT, M10-IT, MIT Elite Plus, i-Q142, 1500P via Omron Health Management Software Export.
New: Download from Omron pedometers HJ710IT and HJ720IT via via Omron Health Management Software Export.
New: Import from Diabetes Plus for iPhone
New: Import from Animas Vibe (Diasend)
Update: Carelink Personal import (improved recognition of POn/POff, last record wasn't imported).
04.05.2012LifescanDriver6.0.73New: OneTouch Ultra Link added to the downloadable devices.
02.05.2012BeurerDriver6.0.16Update: Importing from AS50.
05.04.2012PCExe6.0.1256New: Recognition of maintenance intervals for SiDiary Online and interruption of online sync.
New: Report/Export placeholer for UDT units.
Update: Finnish language pack.
New: Automated eror correction on wrong checksums for Beurer GL40 meters.
29.03.2012AsciiDriver6.0.50Update: VitaDock driver now also imports carbs and insulin data.
Update: iBGStar remarks will be imported including time information.
01.03.2012PCExe6.0.1255Update: Change of display layout for limits of lab parameters.
Fix: New nutrition records were saved twice under certain circumstances.
Update: New USB-Communication DLL.
Fix: Password-Handling with Upper/Lower-Characters.
09.02.2012PCExe6.0.1253New: Automatic check of missing USB2Com windows drivers.
New: Automatic detection if an Omnipod is connected to the computer.
New: Create PDF reports via SiDiary Online if no local PDFCreator is available.
Update: Adware was blocked by some security tools and did not start because of missing ad updates.
Update: SmartSync-Settings with Login-Test.
Update: Improved column width calculation for the direct PDF-print of the detailed statistics.
Update: Demo-Patient will automatically interrupt the online sync to avoid data loss.
01.02.2012BeurerDriver6.0.15New: Download from BM70 blood pressure meter.
Fix: Import from scales did not import the very last record.
Fix: Some AS50 pedometers could not be downloaded.
23.01.2012PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.146Fix: Exception on some devices when terminating the app from within the touch screen.
06.01.2012PendiqDriver6.0.1New: Download data from pendiq insulin pen.
22.12.2011PCExe6.0.1252Fix: Application crashed under certain circumstances when clicking on an imported value within the detail logbook.
New: Support for new import driver class (insulin pen).
21.12.2011BeurerDriver6.0.14New: Download from BM65 blood pressure device.
Fix: Workaround for rounding issue of GL40/GL44/GL50 (just mmol/l-devices!)
21.12.2011AsciiDriver6.0.49Update: Importdriver for Abbott Insulinx can now import some more bolus records.
16.12.2011PCExe6.0.1251New: Blood pressure line graph can now be printed without pulse details (Print-screen will recognize the appropriate setting from statistics settings).
New: Automated error analysis on a restart after an application crash.
Update: Language text in Reminder-Screen.
16.12.2011SmartPixDriver6.0.47New: Download data from Accu-Chek Mobile II (USB).
13.12.2011AsciiDriver6.0.48New: Carelin Professional import does now also read carbs from Meal-Marker.
06.12.2011AsciiDriver6.0.47Fix: iBGStar import displayed "no data" message on systems with english date format.
05.12.2011InfopiaDriver6.0.5New: Import from Aktivmed GlucoCheck Excellent and Aktivmed GlucoCheck Comfort.
01.12.2011PCExe6.0.1250New: Info in SMartSync screen about iPhone/Android.
New: Daily sums will be shown in the detailed logbook.
Fix: Translation issue in reminder screen after adding/deleting an item.
Fix: When starting the sync with a Windows Mobile device manually the Online sync was also started.
Update: Language packs.
30.11.2011AsciiDriver6.0.46New: Insulinx-Import is now importing long acting basal insulin also.
New: Import of basal profiles from Carelink Professional.
15.11.2011MenariniDriver6.0.36New: Download from GlucoMen LX Plus meter.
10.11.2011PCExe6.0.1249Update; Sync-Status wit SiDIary Online.
Fix: Blood pressure statistic with a wrong blood pressure value from the logs (e.g. missing / between systole and diastole: 13080/65).
Fix: Body weight line graph with a wrong weight value from the logs.
Update: Trend analysis will now recognize number of bg measurements even if those are signed with an *.
Fix: Repeatedley deletion in nutrition database.
Update: Language packs (Es, Ru).
04.11.2011AsciiDriver6.0.45Fix: Bolusimport from Abbott Insulinx-Txt-Files.
02.11.2011OmnipodDriver6.0.1New: Import from Insulet Omnipod insulin pump.
31.10.2011AndroidMobile-Exe6.0.7New: Sync of profile data (carb ratios etc.) from SiDiary Online
New: Datatype Exercises
New: Edit/Delete saved entries from the event selection list
New: Bolus calculator will recognize the most recent carb and blood glucose values automatically
New: Bolus calculator can be started directly from the data entry screen.
New: Bolus calculator will use the US style formula when exchange unit is not activated.
Fix: Decimal placeholder fixed in several occurances
Update: i-button within the statistics screen will now recognize tap easier
Updated texts in Trend screen.
26.10.2011PCExe6.0.1248Update: Basal profile button in detail logbook screen will be switched visible automatically when basal profiles are imported.
Update: Spanish language package.
26.10.2011SmartPixDriver6.0.46Fix: Daily sums of imported basal profiles.
14.10.2011PCExe6.0.1247Fix: Displaying glitches for Cyrillic in some screens.
Fix: Switch to another patient is blocked now when a sync is currently in progress.
29.09.2011BeurerDriver6.0.13Fix: Gl44-Option "import new readings only" didn't work properly.
New: Support for BC58 and BM58 blood pressure meters.
26.09.2011AsciiDriver6.0.44New: Support for Abbott Freestyle Insulinx.
New: Support for Medisana VitaDock.
Fix: Diabass-Import had wrong minute information for Bolus values.
23.09.2011PCExe6.0.1246Fix: Under certain circumstances the program didn't start properly.
15.09.2011PCExe6.0.1245Fix: Column ordering in reports wasn't properly under very special circumstances.
New: Daily sum from basal profiles will be shown in line graph.
14.09.2011BeurerDriver6.0.12New: Download from BF100 body scale.
Fix: Import from AS50/BG64.
24.08.2011AndroidMobile-Exe6.0.4Fix: UDTs disappeared under certain circumstances.
24.08.2011PCExe6.0.1244Fix: Update-Check has shown an error without error details.
18.08.2011AndroidMobile-Exe6.0.3Fix: Encoding problems in several languages (Spanish, French etc.)
Fix: Couldn't enter decimal values for blood glucose target range when using mmol/L unit.
Fix: Sync produced duplicate UDT entries under certain circumstances.
Fix: The decimal delimiter will now reflect the regional settings.
New: Stronger password encryption.
Update: Improved focus handling on editing data.
11.08.2011PCExe6.0.1243Fix: Creating PDFs didn't work properly under certain circumstances with Windows 7.
11.08.2011SmartPixDriver6.0.45New: The provided basal profile dosage will be imported from insulin pumps.
04.08.2011AsciiDriver6.0.43New: Carelink Personal import now reads additional carb and exercise entries from the csv-file.
Update: Import of additional information from Diabass.
04.08.2011PCExe6.0.1242Fix: Application crashed when deleting bulk data from data list screen.
Update: Reset the automatically detected blindmode with the standard-settings of the settings screen is now possible.
New: Improved password encryption algorithms.
03.08.2011BeurerDriver6.0.11New: Support for GL50 blood glucose meter.
New: Support for GL44 blood glucose meter.
Fix: GL40-Download did not complete under certain circumstances.
27.07.2011OnlineOnline6.1.144New: Improved protection of the user accounts. The irreversible password encryption was imrpoved and a strength meter was added to show you an indicator for your password.
04.07.2011PCExe6.0.1241Fix: Error when importing bulk data with more than 30,000 records.
Update: Importing data from files will now have a changed default option (edit workflow after import).
04.07.2011AsciiDriver6.0.42Fix: The Withings-Import ignored the very last record of the data source.
30.06.2011PCExe6.0.1240Fix: Sync of UDT data ignored newer udts from SiDiary Online.
Update: Spanish language package, finnish language package.
Fix: After completing a Accu-Chek import (remote mode) the standard SmartPix-Driver was also displayed showing the recent import data again.
Update: Timeout-limit increased for large amount of sync data with SiDiary Online.
29.06.2011SmartPixDriver6.0.44New: Detecting an outdated SmartPix firmware version with showing an update note.
Fix: Setting for reading "all/newer only" data wasn't correct in remote mode.
27.06.2011FreestyleDriver6.0.214Fix: In case that no Freestyle device was found an irregular progress status was shown.
14.06.2011ezManagerDriver6.0.8New: Added Translation.
07.06.2011AsciiDriver6.0.41New: Import from SiDiary-csv data now also supports UDT-records.
03.06.2011AsciiDriver6.0.40Update: Import of data from iBGStar csv-file now accepts files with inproper line feed characters (due to implicit conversion from mail clients).
03.06.2011PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.145Fix: Crash on entering data in touch-mode (just on special screen sizes).
Fix: Scroll-icon in overview (stylus-mode) was covered by scrollbar.
31.05.2011BeurerDriver6.0.10New: Support for SimpleDiagnostics Mini, SimpleDiagnostics Pro, SimpleDiagnostics AutoCode Voice, SimpleDiagnostics 2-in-1, TaiDoc TD-3215, TaiDoc TD-4265.
31.05.2011AsciiDriver6.0.39Fix: Handling of multiple patient data in one csv-file.
25.05.2011PCExe6.0.1239New: SiDiary for Android Final.
New: Support for SimpleDiagnostics Mini, SimpleDiagnostics Pro, SimpleDiagnostics AutoCode Voice, SimpleDiagnostics 2-in-1, TaiDoc TD-3215, TaiDoc TD-4265.
Update: Spanish Language package.
Update: Setup screen for mobile devices now contain links for iPhone and Android.
16.05.2011PCExe6.0.1238New: Support for Sanofi-Aventis BGStar, Lifescan VerioPro and Withings WiFi Blood pressure meter.
New: Placeholder [IF_WEIGHTATDAY] for print&export.
Fix: UDT-Selection were not tracked properly with a timestamp of the last change and therefore not synced correctly.
Update: Spanish translation package.
13.05.2011LifescanDriver6.0.72New: Support of OneTouch VerioPro.
13.05.2011AsciiDriver6.0.38New: Support for Withings WiFi blood pressure device.
13.05.2011AgamatrixDriver6.0.14New: Support for BGStar meter.
11.04.2011PCExe6.0.1237Fix: Excel-Exports now possible with constant [$Const_UsingUDT=0].
Fix: Sync-Button wasn't accessible after clicking the globe from the statusbar.
04.04.2011PCExe6.0.1236Update: Italian language pack (SiDiary Online now also available in Italian language!)
New: Support for iBGStar, Advocate Redi-Code, Silvaex30.
New: The inbuilt translationmodule does now also include all messages that are used by SiDiary Online.
New: Questions from the log-book can now also be exported.
New: Simplification for sending your data by email.
FIX: IF_EXERCISES placeholder for print templates wasn't handled properly.
Update: Finnish language pack.
01.04.2011AsciiDriver6.0.37New: Support for iBGStar app data.
Fix: Browse button did not return the selected file in case that the filename including the folder structure was too long.
01.04.2011FreestyleDriver6.0.213Update: Communication failed under certain circumstances on Windows7 by using a virtual USB2Com driver.
29.03.2011BeurerDriver6.0.9New: Support of Advocate Redi-Code meter.
24.03.2011BosoDriver6.0.27New: Support for medilife PC3 device.
24.03.2011SilvaDriver6.0.6New: Support for Silva Ex30 Connect pedometer.
01.03.2011OnlineOnline6.0.137New: You can now define the trackable events directly in SiDiary Online.
New: Tracking of events and exercises is now possible with dropdown lists (Standard-Web-Version and WebKit-Version for Android/iPhone).
25.02.2011PCExe6.0.1235Fix: Mousepointer-Hourglass-Handling.
New: Export of UDT-data.
New: Automatic Word wrap in print-outs (pie-charts).
23.02.2011SilvaDriver6.0.5Change: URL change for automated data upload to Silva-Website: from ot
17.02.2011OnlineOnline1.0.136New: Improved WebKit functionalities for iPhone and Android: Statistical graphs now support landscape screen and nutrition database can be searched directly. Numeric input can now be entered with the num keypad and the # character as decimal char. SiDiary will store the right values.
28.01.2011PCExe6.0.1234New: Install HID-Driver for Aponorm/Microlife BD devices from within SiDiary's USB-screen.
Update: PL-Translation (thanks to Szymon Grygo).
Fix: Backup for self-configured data-folder.
Fix: Selection of meters/devices wasn't saved in profile screen for devices not grouped in a sub-folder of the tree.
Fix; Temporary basalprofiles deleted a basal profile of the following day under certain circumstances.
Fix: Com-port selection screen is suppressed for SmartPix-USB.
05.01.2011AsciiDriver6.0.36Fix: Withings-Import: The very first weight record to be imported was skipped.
23.12.2010PCExe6.0.1233Fix: Open patient and Delete patient wasn't available due to date conversion issue (with / as date delimiter, e.g. UK).
Fix: Com-Port selection screen did not appear for drivers for infrared meters.
New AddIn-SDK V1.7: AddIn-Support for DotNet and C# AddIns.
New: USB2Com bridge from Silicon Labs is now also shown in selection list.
Fix: 2D-Piechart (hidden ini-key) crashed in nutrition screen.
New: Optimized y scaling for UDT-line graphs.
Fix: Import of LO-bg-values crashed in case of display unit mmol/l.
New: Import-log of device imports can now be deactivated.
22.12.2010BeurerDriver6.0.8New: Support of AS50 Pedometer.
15.12.2010AsciiDriver6.0.35New: Import from Withings WiFi-Scale via csv.
23.11.2010AccuChekSwDriver6.0.8Fix: Support for larger Compass databases, import of insulin records.
17.11.2010PCExe6.0.1232New: Page turning in statistics will now move the interval for full weeks, months or years.
New: Click on today-Button will automatically close the popup-calendar without the Accept-Button.
New: F11 / F12 will set/reset the checkboxes in the edit grid of the device import screen.
New: When publishing a full program screenshot the patient name within the status bar will be covered.
New: Publish-Screen can also be opened from modal windows by using shortcut (Shift+F2).
11.11.2010BeurerDriver6.0.7New: Support for 64Bit-Windows systems.
New: Support for BG64 body scale.
11.11.2010SalterDriver6.0.1New: Added translations for GUI.
05.11.2010PCExe6.0.1231New: Facebook-Connection.
29.10.2010OnlineOnline6.0.132New: Unread private messages and unread news items are now also shown in the mobile webapp layout as an additional news menu:

After reading a news or email the item will automatically disappear from the list and when you've read the last item the news menu itself will also be hidden in the main screen. That way you can use the news menu to get notified automatically about unread news or emails.
26.10.2010PCExe6.0.1230Fix: Usage of the automated Hypo-Screen added the Hypo-event and carb-input to the wrong grid row in case that the event row was invisible.
Fix: Abnormal driver termination under certain circumstances when autodetecting SmartPix device data.
New: Direct download of Accu-Chek devices via Smart Pix (without usage of Accu-Chek Smart Pix web app).
Update: English, French and Italian translation package.
Fix: AddIns were not reloaded in case that the AddIn window was closed by using ALT+F4 shortcut.
Fix: Import of body weight data was wrong in case of display unit lbs.
21.10.2010SmartPixDriver6.0.43New: Direct download of Accu-Chek devices via Smart Pix (without usage of Accu-Chek Smart Pix web app).
15.10.2010PCExe6.0.1229New: "Publish". By using the publish-button you can send a program screen by email or include it as a picture with your preferred discussion board.
Fix: Corrected links in Plug&Play-Help-Screen.
Update: Finnish Language package.
14.10.2010OnlineOnline6.0.131New: The Webapp for Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc. does now support also tracking of user-defined datatypes. Additionally you can disable the "round to 5 minutes" option in the settings screen.
05.10.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.144New: Profile- and Settings-Screen now have also Touch-Mode.
Fix: Setting Real Day in Touch screen, Edit a column after midnight, add a new value to that column->Value was saved for wrong date.
Fix: Out of index error under certain circumstances on screen flips or deleting a column.
04.10.2010PCExe6.0.1228Fix: Sync with Windows Mobile device didn't run automatically in a new month in case that there were no data on the desktop so far.
Fix: Detail logbook didn't save the changes automatically when adding a new question for that day.
01.10.2010PCExe6.0.1227New: Menarini GlucoMenGm.
New: Datafolder location can be selected.
29.09.2010MenariniDriver6.0.35New: Support of GlucoMenGm meter.
28.09.2010OnlineOnline6.0.130Fix: Error in detailed statistics when couting the events in a time range in case that an event containing a comma character.
Fix: Sync with V5 Java-Version was temporarily unavailable.
Deleting a record from the datalist caused an error within user profiles configured with US date format setting.
27.09.2010SmpMobile-Exe6.0.228Fix: Crash in detailed statistics in case of input with a comma in events field.
27.09.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.143Fix: Crash in detailed statistics in case of input with a comma in events field.
24.09.2010PCExe6.0.1226Fix: Update-Tool damaged the manifest file under certain circumstances.
Fix: AddIn-Windows weren't closed properly in the tabbed windows bar under certain circumstances.
New: Enhancement of AddIn-SDK: Now each AddIn can handle more than one tabbed windows within main application.
Fix: Application crash on selecting Turkish language.
Fix: The change of template folder in print window wasn't shown immediatly but after closing and reopening the window.
21.09.2010OnlineOnline6.0.129New: Activating subscription licences is easier now.
14.09.2010OnlineOnline6.0.128New: With the today's update you are able to maintain your user-defined datatypes online without the desktop PC version of SiDiary! These udt-definitions will also be synchronized to mobile platforms like the iPhone.
07.09.2010PCExe6.0.1225Fix: Under certain circumstances SiDiary has lost the settings of the statistic window on creating print-outs.
New: Reports using UDT data will now show Yes/No instead of 1/0 for this UDT-type.
Fix: Application crashed under certain circumstances while printing.
07.09.2010MedisenseDriver6.0.28New: Support of new Abbott XCeed devices (different firmware & different communication protocol).
26.08.2010PCExe6.0.1224New: Button in export and print screen for downloading templates from the web.
Fix: Correction of calculation for standard deviation in mode "A1C interpolation".
New: Search-option in meter driver import screen.
26.08.2010AsciiDriver6.0.34New: Import for Carelink Pro CSV-Files now supports files with more than one device as datasource (e.g. pump data and also sensor data).
24.08.2010SmpMobile-Exe6.0.227Fix: Calulation of stand. deviation had small roundoff error).
24.08.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.142Fix: Layout correction for HTC Mini (320x480 screen resolution buttons), Calulation of stand. deviation had small roundoff error).
20.08.2010ApexDriver6.0.4Fix: mmol/l-readings conversion for Calla Dialog.
19.08.2010IMEDriver6.0.15Fix: Correction of iDia meter description to plasma-calibration.
19.08.2010ApexDriver6.0.3New: Support for Wellion Calla Dialog.
19.08.2010MicrolifeDriver6.0.2Fix: Corrected driver GUID.
17.08.2010MicrolifeDriver6.0.1New: Support for aponorm Professional and Microlife BP A100 Plus blood pressure meters.
17.08.2010ApexDriver6.0.1-2New: Support for Wellion Calla light and Premium.
16.08.2010PCExe6.0.1223New: SmartSync-Status shows the MobileDeviceCenter's device picture.
New: MultiSelect for lab dat parameters and udts in statistic windows as graph data source.
Update: Longer default timeouts for webservice calls.
Fix: Time format settings with dot (11.20) caused trouble under certain circumstances.
New: Filter Sync-File-List for duplicates.
Fix: Zooming by mouse in statistic screen now works for line graph only.
Fix: Yes/No-datatype wasn't shown properly under certain circumstances after online sync.
New: Button for opening the current data folder (Settings->Backup)
11.08.2010LifescanDriver6.0.71Fix: Events for timeslots in OTUS logbook weren't imported properly (T2-T7).
11.08.2010SmartPixDriver6.0.42New: Support for Aviva Expert.
New: Additional import of events from SmartPix.
Change of insulin assignment: Ins1->Bolus1, Ins2->Basal1, Ins3->Bolus2.
10.08.2010AsciiDriver6.0.33Update: SiDiary-csv files will now also be imported in case of wrong line terminators (just LF instead of CRLF).
Update: SiDiary-Csv-Datei-Import now supports the field DATUM_DE to avoid regional formatting issues. This field must be formatted with DD.MM.YYYY.
29.06.2010LifescanDriver6.0.70New OTUS: Records with event markers (before/after breakfast, ...) will now be imported as events into SiDiary.
29.06.2010SmartPixDriver6.0.41Fix: Setting "Import newer data only" vs. "Import all data"
29.06.2010PCExe6.0.1222Fix: SmartSync-Screen (Details for ONline Sync) when screen zoom is activated.
Update: Additional information included with the automated bugreport.
Fix: With Am/PM setting the bg levels were assigned to wrong columns (breakfast, lunch, etc.).
Fix: When you added new remarks on more than one client, always the PC remark was kept after sync instead of the newer remark.
Added translations in translation tool screen.
New: Hyper limit from profile will now also be used for the grid panes and the pie-chart.
Fix: Pie-chart created an memory error on computers with extra large resolutions for the anti-aliasing ("Can't create Autoredraw image")
18.06.2010OnlineOnline6.0.126Fix: Timezone offset will now be used correctly for default time of the single data entry screen.
26.05.2010BayerDriver6.0.85Internal: Creating data dump for Contour USB as debug info.
03.05.2010PCExe6.0.1221New: Direct print to PDF in statistics screen.
New: Direct print of detail grid in statistics screen.
Update: Recognition of Diabass-Importfile with Insulin, carbs, blood pressure only.
03.05.2010AsciiDriver6.0.32Update: Recognition of Diabass-Importfile with Insulin, carbs, blood pressure only.
23.04.2010MenariniDriver6.0.34New: Download from Glucocard G+, Glucocard X-Meter, GlucoMen LX.
19.04.2010EPSDriver6.0.12Fix: HMM Global: Setup of time/date on meter didn't work on all newer devices.
19.04.2010PCExe6.0.1220Fix: Sum-placeholder for print and export was calculated wrong for entries like -1+5.
Fix: Checksum-Control fpr UDT-File on russian systems.
Fix: HMM Global, "SetDateTime" setting wasn't sent properly to meter driver.
19.04.2010AsciiDriver6.0.31Update: Diamedic-Import Version 3,01 supported (changed csv-format).
13.04.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.141Fix: Crashed if using date format like dd-mmm-yy (Windows Mobile Regional Settings).
13.04.2010SmpMobile-Exe6.0.226Fix: Crashed if using date format like dd-mmm-yy (Windows Mobile Regional Settings).
09.04.2010PCExe6.0.1219Update: Language package NL, DK, F (thanks to Christian Bernard-Moreel, Guido van Gucht, Fred van den Heuvel, Theo Elzinga).
26.03.2010PCExe6.0.1218New: Automatical recognition of a connected Bayer Contour USB meter (without AddIn!)
26.03.2010AsciiDriver6.0.29Update: Enhancement of Diamedic-Import for German CSV-files and for body weight data, Lab values, Exercises, Medication.
26.03.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.139Fix: Edit timestamp in Touch mode.
Fix: Button-Refresh issue (/ and :) within Touch input of time /blood pressure.
Fix: Save remarks to list of frequently used remark text items.
25.03.2010BayerDriver6.0.84New: Native support for Contour USB (without the need to start WinGlucofacts).
24.03.2010AsciiDriver6.0.28Update: Browse-Screen now also shows the required file type.
Fix: Carelink Pro.Import with exchanges instead of grams of carbs and import of mmol/l-values.
New: AccuChek 360°-Import now reads also the pump-bolus column.
Fix: Bulgarian date format.
24.03.2010PCExe6.0.1217Fix: Rounding issue in print-outs of basal-profiles.
New: oz and fl oz will now be accepted as valid servig size for pie-chart about the nutritional details (carbs/fat/protein).
Update: DK-Language update.
Fix: Bulgarian date format settings.
New: Direct download of Windows drivers vor meter USB-Cables.
19.03.2010OnlineOnline6.0.121New: The mobile layout of the SiDiary Online microwebsite was improved drastically for terrific usage on iPhone, iPod Touch, Google Android and Palm Pre.
15.03.2010PCExe6.0.1216New: Anti-Aliasing in Pie-Chart for better graph quality.
New: Nutrition-Details with Pie-Chart.
Fix: Translation of Date-Tooltip in single data input screen.
Update: Pre-selection of template for Print/Export in case that there is no saved value for last selection after installation.
Fix: Standard deviation in statistics screen (detail row in graphs) could have small gaps compared with standard deviation from the trend screen (according to the settings).
New: The print-outs can now also include a list of all event abbreviations.
New: Date and name format changes for chinese language selection.
15.03.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.138Fix: Graphics error in buttons of finger keyboard.
New: Bolus-calculator button in edit/addnew-screen in touch-input-mode (last button).
04.03.2010PCExe6.0.1215New: MakeYourStick-Option with a manual process in case that the downloaded zip-image is corrupted.
Fix: Change in a basal profile will now ensure historical data.
Fix: Screen-Refresh after selecting the favorite meters on the meter list screen.
Fix: Pie-chart had an error in legend for mmol/l-setting.
New: News-AddIn can show SiDiary news from the internet (not included with the update-package, please download from AddIns-section).
Change: ?-Menu is now shown as Help-Menu.
02.03.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.137New: Menu on touch-screen with Bolus-Calculator, Nutrition-DB, Lab values etc.
Update: Optimized touch input with shorter delay.
Fix: Edit-Button on touch-screen lost the active column. Therefore the old values were not shown in the edit buttons.
23.02.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.136Update: Order of Touch-Input buttons changed to bg, carbs, bolus, basal, events
Update: Deinit sequence when app was closed by an external app (Task Manager etc.).
New: Touch-Input screen now also sends air sync data at night if that option is activated.
Fix: "Terminate?"-Question shown twice when touch-form and old input-screen were opened.
23.02.2010SmpMobile-Exe6.0.225Fix: Under certain circumstances an OutOfIndex-Exception occurred when loading nutrition data.
17.02.2010OnlineOnline6.0.120Fix: Target range on profile tab was converted from mmol/l into mg/dl (occurred in old V5-accounts only).
16.02.2010JavaMobile-Exe6.0.10New: AirSync now possible with email and SiDiary Online password (optional). With given password the data will be imported to your SiDiary Online account automatically.
16.02.2010PCExe6.0.1214Fix: Invalid Property Value while printing.
Fix: Device selections in Profile->Devices has taken not only the device name but also the folder name from the treeview.
Update: Language package Turkish.
Fix: Graphics included with a report did contain the note about A1c is just an approx. value at a wrong line.
Fix: In Blindmode the print-outs produced too many columns.
15.02.2010AsciiDriver6.0.27New: Import from Accu-Chek 360° csv-files.
15.02.2010SmpMobile-Exe6.0.224Fix: Refresh of gray area of status message while updating ads.
10.02.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.135Fix: NullPointerException when adding/editing exercise data in touch user interface.
10.02.2010SmpMobile-Exe6.0.223Fix: Error on downloading new Ads from Ad-Server.
10.02.2010OnlineOnline6.0.119New: Displaying progress for import tasks from a mobile Java version.
10.02.2010JavaMobileDriver6.0.60Update: Import of exercise and weight data from Air-Sync email data-files.
09.02.2010OnlineOnline6.0.118Fix: Sync of profile data (Type of insulin, correction ratios etc.) with the dektop version is now running again.
08.02.2010PCExe6.0.1213Fix: Sync with SiDiary Online on program termination was executed only when at this time a windows mobile device was connected too.
05.02.2010PCExe6.0.1212Update Language packs: DK (Guido van Gucht), NL (Theo Herber)
02.02.2010LifescanDriver6.0.69Change: Newer Vita-meters have more than only one marker setting ("After meal").
22.01.2010AgamatrixDriver6.0.13New: Download from Wavesense Presto & Jazz
21.01.2010OnlineOnline6.0.114-117Update of openID for simple registration.
20.01.2010AsciiDriver6.0.26New: DexCom Seven Plus-Import (CGMS-Data).
19.01.2010PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.133-134New: "SiDiary Touch" => Finger-enabled user interface for quick data capturing without stylus.
New: Ini-Key for deactivating the SIP-handler (ShowSIP=0).
18.01.2010PCExe6.0.1211Fix: Doubleclick on meter import opened a second empty window.
New: Update of language package Portuguese (Abilio Araujo Moreira).
New: Update of language package NL (Theo Herber).
New: Make-your-stick option now also available as menu in blindmode.
14.01.2010BeurerDriver6.0.6Änderung: Message text changed for a connected but empty GL40 (not data found at USB)
29.12.2009AsciiDriver6.0.25Change: The driver now works with the exchange ratio configured in the SiDiary main app for importing exchange values from a "Carelink Personal" file (i.e. 12 for BE or 10 for KHE).
10.12.2009PCExe6.0.1210New: Import driver for Salter MiBody scale system.
New: Improved performance of initial filling (meter driver cache) on very first program start.
New: New application event "PumperSettingsChanged" -> IsPumper flag will be forwarded immediately to an already opened instance of the logbook.
Fix: UpdateCheck-Option "Skip this version".
New: Several settings now also available in logbook settings.
07.12.2009JavaMobile-Exe6.0.9Fix: Timestamp-Offset-problem.
07.12.2009PCExe6.0.1209New: Import module for Bionime GM550 and Ypsomed Pura.
Fix Pro-Version: Problem with loading data from an UNC location.
Fix: Bloodpressure statistics with invalid logbook records (e.g. 128770/65).
Fix: UDT-Data entries were saved as events when entered on the single-data entry screen.
Fix: Language update Portuguese.
30.11.2009PCExe6.0.1208Fix: Grid-Update from Bolus-Dropdown-Input-Frame.
26.11.2009PCExe6.0.1207New: Make your Stick-Option.
Fix: "Reload data" event wasn't forwarded properly to logbook window after successful sync.
New: AddIn-SDK Version 1.5
Fix: "DropDown"-Button for a selectionlist UDT wasn't removed from logbook grid u. certain circumstances when leaving the focus.
Fix: Checksum-Error when sending patient data by email.
Fix: Target panes for bloodpressure graph exceeded the plot area under certain circumstances.
New: Pointer invisible at right edge of graphs (Filter/Zoom-Out-Button).
Fix: A previously saved question could not be removed (mandatory field check).
23.11.2009InfopiaDriver6.0.4First official release version with download capability for US Diagnostics EasyGluco, Control, Infinity.
18.11.2009PCExe6.0.1206NEW: Translation package for Finnish (Suomi) translated by Kari Hänninen, 100% complete!
NEW: Nutrition data based on USDA rel.22 included with current Setup (more than 13,000 records).
Fix: Crash in Detail-Logbook when pressing F2 in Event-Cell and then directly using Curser-Left or -Right.
New: Print-template for development graph for UDTs.
Fix: German titles/descriptions for print and export templates are now displayed if a German dialect language pack is selected (Bavarian etc.)
Fix: UDT-Data(i.e.CGMS) could have exploded the print-outs with unneccessary columns.
18.11.2009AsciiDriver6.0.24New: Import from Carelink Pro csv files (find more details at:,8413.0.html).
New: Insulin-Assignment for imports from Abbott CoPilot.
18.11.2009BionimeDriver6.0.12New: First official release for connecting to Ypsomed Pura/Bionime GM550. Hi/Lo-Levels will be imported with an additional Hi/Lo-Eventmarker.
06.11.2009PCExe6.0.1205Fix AddIn-Schnittstelle: Calling aparameters (date range) for obtaining a statistical graphs weren't filled properly.
Change: Starting the AddInSetup directly from the AddIns screen with Windows User account control on.
New: Additional order options in translation module.
Change: Default-Compress for values displayed in blindmode logbook changed to 0 instead of 5 minutes.
Change: X-Scale of the line graph now reflects the date format option from the settings screen.
Fix: Defaul time in detailed logbook wasn't selected on GotFocus() event.
Language-Update: Italien (Vittorio Demelas) and Bavarian (Andi Heitzer).
06.11.2009AsciiDriver6.0.23Fix Carelink-Import: Carb information were not imported when profile was configured to use grams of carbs instead of an exchange unit.
05.11.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.222No new functionality but added an additional information about purchasing at software shops like Handango.
05.11.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.132Fix: Cursor position of remark input box will be restored properly after the automatic save function has completed.
Fix: Entering event abbreviations manually.
Fix: Pressing Tab-Key will not show the remark/weight input panels anymore if the event selection is visible.
Additional information about purchasing at software shops like Handango.
30.10.2009PCExe6.0.1204New: Translation interface. Possibility to add further languages, translations can be done locally and shared with the community.
26.10.2009OnlineOnline6.0.113Update: Single data input screen: Remark and Weight will remain in the form after saving details.
23.10.2009PCExe6.0.1203Fix: App crashed after click on PDF-button (print form) in case that no template was selected.
Update: User interface in Spanish language.
Fix: Invalid property value on screen "Enter single data" when saving an exercise and without having an exercise item in the dropdown-list.
Update: Saved filter settings for weekdays (Mo, Tu, We...) from statistics screen are not used anymore for print-outs with templates using those statistic graphs.
Fix: AddIn-Interface-Method RequestData_() could cause an InvalidCast-Exception under certain circumstances.
23.10.2009SmartPixDriver6.0.40Update: Marked readings from Accu-Chek Mobile (marked with *) will now create an additional event during the import.
21.10.2009PCExe6.0.1202Fix: Add new patient screen could not create the patient database on system with '/' as date delimiter.
New: Old restore points will be deleted automatically with the settings from Tools->Free disk space.
Fix: Regional settings with Dot as time delimiter char (i.e. 12.25) is now handled properly
New: Pro version allows to maintain an additional patient ID.
New: Overview about lab values as an Excel Pivot table.
Update: Patient list will now load much faster.
Fix: Missing translations in lab value screen.
Change: Pointer in modal day graph will now show the time only instead of date & time.
Fix: Activating the target sheet on OpenOffice-Calc exports.
New: Blindmode now has a new menu "Go to table/sheet" so now you can use Ctrl+T in all screens to jump to the first table cell.
Change: Improved search performance on systems with many patients.
21.10.2009MedisenseDriver6.0.27Update: When driver tried to establish connection to meter the cancel button was rarely reacting.
20.10.2009OnlineOnline6.0.112Web-Login/Login with OpenID now shows the second last valid login.
16.10.2009OnlineOnline6.0.111Fix: Display of last valid/invalid logins.
16.10.2009AsciiDriver6.0.22Fix: Diamedic-Import matched all timeslots irregularly to T8 events.
15.10.2009SmartPixDriver6.0.39New: All meters and pumps which can be downloaded by SmartPix will now be listed seperately.
14.10.2009OnlineOnline6.0.110New: Now supporting OpenID-Login.
13.10.2009LifescanDriver6.0.68Fix: Before/After meal sign wasn't imported properly (One Touch Select).
13.10.2009OmronDriver6.0.8Fix: Correction of invalid date conversions.
13.10.2009AsciiDriver6.0.21Fix: Correction of invalid date conversions for imports from Copilot, Carelink, Menarini Dialogue, Camit Pro.
09.10.2009PCExe6.0.1201Fix: SmartSync settings screen: Sync now button now starts the sync again.
08.10.2009PCExe6.0.1200Change of name and device descriptions from Ascensia->Bayer (see more in change log for Bayer.exe)
Fix: Crash when shrinking the main window in case that the trend window was opened
Optimization of Blindmode: Lab value screen, nutrition, statistics, trend.
06.10.2009BayerDriver6.0.83Renamed Ascensia driver into Bayer
Change of the calibration method into whole blood calibration for Breeze2, Contour, Contour Link
Change of manufacturer name into Bayer.
06.10.2009AscensiaDriver6.0.82Driver discontinued; now new driver Bayer.exe available.
03.10.2009PCExe6.0.1199New: Diabass-Export without installed Diabass application now opens the target folder and shows the exported filename
Fix: Remark standard textblocks were not saved persistantly
New: AddIn-SDK Version 1.4 (new functional set for writing data to the patient's log-book)
Fix: Fully deleted remark entries in log-book wasn't saved persistant under certain circumstances
New: The Update-Tool now copies also the Java Mobile version from the update package to the local Install\Java6\folder
New: Sync status now shown without grabbing focus from other Windows
New: Event filter can be selected as a 'per day' filter in statistics (e.g. days with illness)
New: AddIn-Setup-Tool; AddIns can be used easier with VIsta / Windows7
Fix: Bolus detail input panel od the detailed log-book wasn't displayed on all CellGotFocus() events
Fix: "Found new Windows mobile device" message was displayed again and again
Change: Minimzed Main window will now be hidden in the taskbar; SiDiary can be reactivated with SysTray icon
Change: UpdateCheck is blocked when a meter import is runing
Fix Blindmode: All Checkboxes were not shown with the last saved checkbox-state
Change: Focus handling during meter import
Change: New folder selection screen for blindmode.
02.10.2009SmartPixDriver6.0.38New: Read all data / Read only newer data option.
25.09.2009LifescanDriver6.0.67Fix: Download from OneTouch Vita is more robust
New: OneTouch Select meter can be downloaded.
24.09.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.131Fix: Fully deleted remark entries in log-book wasn't saved persistant under certain circumstances.
24.09.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.221Fix: Fully deleted remark entries in log-book wasn't saved persistant under certain circumstances.
24.09.2009PCExe6.0.1198New: Diabass-Export without installed Diabass application now opens the target folder and shows the exported filename
Fix: Remark standard textblocks were not saved persistantly
New: AddIn-SDK Version 1.3 (new functional set for writing data to the patient's log-book)
Fix: Fully deleted remark entries in log-book wasn't saved persistant under certain circumstances.
23.09.2009JavaMobileMobile-Exe6.0.8Fix: Air Sync
New: Temporary basal profiles.
22.09.2009OnlineOnline6.0.109Fix: Datalist and enter single data screen couldn't be displayed for bolus inputs like '.3'.
21.09.2009OnlineOnline6.0.108Fix: Blood glucose targets in mmol/l
New setting for exchange unit vs. grams of carbs in Extras->Settings.
15.09.2009JavaMobileMobile-Exe6.0.7Fix: Statistics No values
Fix: Trend exception under certain circumstances.
14.09.2009PCExe6.0.1197New Statistic: Modal day chained
New: Export at Bluetooth-Com-Port to a Java-Mobile cellphone
Fix: Color pane for target range of lab result was too large in statistic graph (under certain conditions)
BlindMode: Focus after device selection is now in driver window
Blindmode: Remark text in edit screen can now have multiline
Blindmode: Initial start of V6 on machines with installed v5 recognizes the blindmode setting
Fix: Filter of export templates
Fix: Tooltip for data points remained invisible after first display
Changed handling for calculating basal sums for pumpers (Statistics)
Changed labels for insulin names in pie chart (i.e. pumper has same insulin for Bolus and Basal)
Fix: Detail-Grid did show dropdowns in first columns (with label texts)
Fix: Wrong date in DatePicker (i.e. 31/02/)->Crash after doubleclick.
14.09.2009AsciiDriver6.0.19Fix: Carelink-Import 'Invalid procedure call or argument' under certain circumstances
Fix: Weight data was imported 10 times too high from SINOVO-csv import filter
New SINOVO-csv-import fields: CH_GR, WEIGHT_LBS, WEIGHT_KG.
02.09.2009SmartPixDriver6.0.37Long device names now shortened
Fix: Abnormal Driver termination if no device was selected.
01.09.2009DeltecCozmoDriver6.0.35Optimization for blindmode
28.08.2009PCExe6.0.1196Fix: Green target area for systolic target ranged fixed to graph boundaries.
27.08.2009JavaMobileMobile-Exe6.0.6Fix: Serial number was toggled irregularly without system changes.
27.08.2009JavaMobileDriver6.0.59Cancel-Button in Sceen "More Settings".
26.08.2009PCExe6.0.1195New: Added fields for templates [BIRTHDATE] and [PAT_DEVICES]
New: Import from ezManager Max (.ezd)
Fix: Color-settings for systole and diastole were mixed up
Fix: Print-Outs have duplicated columns when using Am/Pm-setting
Fix: Application crash directly after start (with several preconditions in Adware-Mode).
25.08.2009AsciiDriver6.0.18New: ezManager Max Import.
19.08.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.130Fix: Crash in pumper screen after clicking on "edit profile" without having any profiles in the dropdownlist.
18.08.2009OnlineOnline6.0.107Fix: Java AirSync-Import for version 6 data format
Save in "Enter Single data" screen ressets now all input fields.
30.07.2009PCExe6.0.1194Fix: Change of language is now visible immediately in opened screens again
Fix: Update of daily basal sums in statistics after reassigning a different basal profile
Fix: Error on saving data "No such file or directory"
Fix: Saving patient data in folders containing cyrillic characters.
30.07.2009AsciiDriver6.0.17NEW: CSV-Import from Lifescan OneTouch
NEW: CSV-Import from GlucoTel-Csv.
29.07.2009PCExe6.0.1193Fix: data filter with sync of older data in Adware mode corrected
Adjusted remark field in printouts (carriage return linefeeds)
New settings for us date format (splitted from Am/Pm setting).
29.07.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.220Fix: Refresh of grid overview after auto import of bg level from a bluetooth meter.
29.07.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.129Fix: Refresh of grid overview after auto import of bg level from a bluetooth meter
Fix: pictures for current bluetooth status were invisible.
28.07.2009SilvaDriver6.0.4Fix: Exchanged 'Com' with 'USB' in status message.
27.07.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.128Fix: Hyposign was converted to 0 value when using mmol/l.
27.07.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.219Fix: Hyposign was converted to 0 value when using mmol/l.
27.07.2009PCExe6.0.1192Fix: Zooming of tabbed windows (Logbook etc.) did not work if Main-Window was maximized.
New: Logbook and edit Window in blind mode (like in version5)
24.07.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.218Initial Language selection at Splash-Screen wasn't saved when closing this window with the x-button
Exception-Handling in all screens for catching irregular Resize-Events
Fix: "MissingDirectory"-Error.
24.07.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.127Initial Language selection at Splash-Screen wasn't saved when closing this window with the x-button
Exception-Handling in all screens for catching irregular Resize-Events
Fix: "MissingDirectory"-Error.
24.07.2009PCExe6.0.1191Fix: Crash on closing the nutrition edit screen by using the x-button
ToolTipp in carb-row of logbook for German users to get a hint about the exchanges setting
New: All Grids will now zoom too with the layout-option for big font-sizes
New: Better Timeslot-Handling in CT-logbook, Tooltips & Click to column header labels, data in late column with pp-sign (*) now mapped to T7-event instead of T8.
21.07.2009PCExe6.0.1190Button for % changes of basalrate in pumper screen was fired on hitting ENTER in remark field.
Fix: Deleting entries from remark default text list.
Option "Exchanges" in Data-Migration-Wizard will also set the appropr. Checkbox in settings screen.
Data-Migration-Wizard: last migrated patient remains open.
Statistics: Pointer will be invisible on certain graph types (pie etc.).
New icons for main status about connected devices/web connection.
Fix: OutOfIndex in detail logbook after double-click to a UDT-Label.
Setting for Bolus calculator will be saved for next program start.
Fix: Filter listbox in datalist screen became invisble on lostfocus event.
18.07.2009OnlineOnline6.0.105Sync with cyrillic charsets V5
Guided Tour in English.
17.07.2009PCExe6.0.1189Update of Calendar-Date in Logbook-screen on 'language changed' event
Fix: Logbook: Carbohydrates were copied from hypo-screen to grid but weren't saved
Changelog will be shown on PC for update.
17.07.2009AsciiDriver6.0.16CSV-Import: Added support for field BG_LEVEL_MMOL
17.07.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.126Status message shown for online access during registration
Bound checks for settings of column-number and column-widths
Added translations to Subscription register screen
Trend: Click on icons will open details of category.
17.07.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.217Status message shown for online access during registration
Bound checks for settings of column-number and column-widths
Added translations to Subscription register screen.
16.07.2009PCExe6.0.1188Fix: Application crashed on accessing the ad server with errors
Fix: Bad request error & timeout on Login
Fix: Sync status window overlapped an error message box
Sync was updated
Fix: Sync V6 cyrillic.
16.07.2009OnlineOnline6.0.105Applying timezone offsets to lastchange timestamp of data records
Displaying last login, last failed attempt etc. on home screen
Redirect of numeric only snapshot token
Fix: Sync V6 cyrillic.
15.07.2009JavaMobileMobile-Exe6.0.4Added translations.
14.07.2009OnlineOnline6.0.104Fix: Sync of cyrillic characters.
14.07.2009OnlineOnline6.0.103Fix: Excel-Export
13.07.2009OnlineOnline6.0.102Support for US-date format in edit screen and data list (configuration of date format in settings).
mmol/l default values for target range
menu display error in report screen.
13.07.2009PCExe6.0.1187Fix: Crash in Logbook grid after wrong input into time-cell
Optimization of sync with Windows Mobile and SiDiary Online.
13.07.2009SmartPixDriver6.0.36Msgbox if no SmartPix data are found instead of abnormal driver termination.
13.07.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.125Added translation in settings screen.
10.07.2009PCExe6.0.1186Fix: Saving mmol/l bg levels with hypo sign (-)
Optimization of sync: Better recognition of changes on the PC
New Smartphone cab-file without message about missing Phone.NetCF.
10.07.2009OnlineOnline6.0.101Link with step-by-step-tutorial at the settings tab for V6 dataformat checkbox.
09.07.2009PCExe6.0.1185Fix: Language toggled from English to German in profile wizard on first start-up.
Added translation to carb options in Data Migration Wizard
New: Delete or keep program settings question after re-installation
Trend-Postprandial levels now recognizing carb intake without insulin shots.
09.07.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.124Trend-Postprandial levels now recognizing carb intake without insulin shots
Sync-Timestamp wasn't updated on adding/deleting events.
09.07.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.216Trend-Postprandial levels now recognizing carb intake without insulin shots.
08.07.2009PCExe6.0.1184USB-Stick: Ensures VB-runtime in bin-folder automatically
USB-Stick: Shows the transaction numer in Register screen (for use with mobile devices etc.)
New cab-file for Windows Mobile (without messages during installation about missing and designed for older Windows Mobile version)
Data migration wizard optimized (better folder recognition etc.) can be started directly from "open patient" screen
Fix: Network configuration within Pro-version
Fix: Check for free disk space on data drive
Exchange of SiDiaryD.dll (fixes dll-problem on nLite-Installations)
08.07.2009OnlineOnline6.0.100Fix: Datalist screen misses the addnew record row
08.07.2009CleverChekDriver6.0.4Autocode Voice (TD-4233) added.
03.07.2009PCExe6.0.1183Fix: Data migration of Beta-Program-Users
Fix: Device imports of weight data
Fix: Cab-Installation did not start on Windows Mobile devices.
30.06.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.122-123Final Release (End of Beta)
Auto-Forwarding of Bluetooth-BG-Levels to SiDiary Online
Auto-Forwarding of logbook at night.
30.06.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.214-215Final Release (End of Beta)
Auto-Forwarding of Bluetooth-BG-Levels to SiDiary Online
Auto-Forwarding of logbook at night.
30.06.2009JavaMobileMobile-Exe6.0.3Final release.
29.06.2009PCExe6.0.1180-82Final Release (End of Beta)
Setups (incl. Windows MObile vabs
SiDiary Online URL:
29.06.2009OnlineOnline6.0.99Release version
12.06.2009PCExe6.0.1179New: SiDiary Online 6 beta (incl. sync; please read the notes in readme-file!).
10.06.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.213Fix: Disable ads after successful registration.
10.06.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.121Fix: Disable ads after successful registration.
29.05.2009PCExe6.0.1178Fix:Hang on PDF-Prints
Fix:Basal/Bolus-ratio in pie-chart
Updated Beta-expiry.
29.05.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.212Updated beta expiry.
29.05.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.120Updated beta expiry.
19.05.2009PCExe6.0.1177Change of layout in ICT-logbook
Pointer in statistics
Master-Sync for WM devices
Update-Tool for V6 can be used directly from UpdateCheck window
Updated button class for russian Windows systems.
18.05.2009SilvaDriver6.0.2Direct data download from USB craddle.
14.05.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.211Registration online (Subscription/Transaction No.) Please use Tno. from PC for beta period!
14.05.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.119Registration online (Subscription/Transaction No.) Please use Tno. from PC for beta period!
29.04.2009PCExe6.0.1176Register-Screen accessible if Adware has no Internet connectivity
Calculation of best possible scale for UDT-/lab value graphs
Change of Backcolor from sys-setting to white in all windows
Fix: Save of automatically added hypo sign
Licence check by online subscription.
29.04.2009AsciiDriver6.0.13Date formatting of Carelink-import.
28.04.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.117-118Profile values (targets etc.) are now saved in save unit instead of display unit
Register screen is accesible if Adware has no internet connectivity
Note will be shown in profile screen if extended ratios/corection rules are active
Fix: Load of event list.
28.04.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.209-210Profile values (targets etc.) are now saved in save unit instead of display unit
Register screen is accesible if Adware has no internet connectivity
Note will be shown in profile screen if extended ratios/corection rules are active.
Unlocking by Transaction no.
New driver for Silva-Pedometer
Fix: Switch in profile between mg/dl<->mmol/l
24.04.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.207-208Adware-Mode (with ini-Key [Beta]Adware=1
Fix: Weigth wasn't saved properly.
24.04.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.115-116Adware-Mode (with ini-Key [Beta]Adware=1
31.03.2009PCExe6.0.1173Fix: Missing Beta-Flag in 6.0.1172
Correction of Summary-Line in statistics.
31.03.2009PCExe6.0.1172Fix: Secon call of event add was invisible
0 records message in Smart-Pix driver
Fix Cozmo: Overflow-error
Print templates with graphics without Winword.
30.03.2009SmartPixDriver6.0.330 records imported message.
30.03.2009DeltecCozmoDriver6.0.34Fix: Overflow-Error at the end of import on few systems.
27.03.2009PCExe6.0.1171Fix: Internal Error on Printing and patient opening
New: Soft fade-in of pupup-windows.
26.03.2009PCExe6.0.1170Fix: Migration-Wizard converted V5-Pump-Events inproperly
Fix: Date of last import for SmartPix
Fix: Display of meterimport windows when Main-Form is minimized.
26.03.2009AgamatrixDriver6.0.12Fix: Abnormal Driver termination.
25.03.2009PCExe6.0.1169Change: Sync simplified (No settings anymore for sync direction from/to PC)
Fix: Exercise records and Yes-/No-UDTs couldn't be deleted
Fix: Entry with * (->pp-value) in ct-log-book crashed
Change: Profile-Wizard has now 2 input boxes for firstname/lastname
Change: SiDiaryD.dll can now be used from Windows- or SiDiary's application folder
Fix OTUS-Import: Bolus/Basal-assignment was mixed up
Fix: Basal profile graph was cut at 3iE/h in log-book view
Fix: Print to PDF crashed when no template was selected
New: Several language messages
Fix: Grid with imported values from a meter did show a wrong weekday for the record-date
New: Backup includes now the cfg-folder
Fix: UDT-records might have been saved wrong when UDT-selection was changed and the log-book was already opened.
25.03.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.114Fix: Auto-Update of time didn't affect all rows of that column
Empty event list has now the [New]-Selection
New: Carb-exchange-ratio and unit can now be configured in the settings
Fix Statistics: Time range selection of 1 day/1 week.
25.03.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.206Fix: Auto-Update of time didn't affect all rows of that column
Empty event list has now the [New]-Selection
New: Carb-exchange-ratio and unit can now be configured in the settings.
20.03.2009BeurerDriver6.0.5Final release candidate of this driver
Fix: Number od records dadjusted for BGL60-import.
19.03.2009LifescanDriver6.0.63Fix: Bolus and Basal was mixed up during import.
10.03.2009PCExe6.0.1168Sync is temp. interrupted when data tracking form is open. Enhanced M;igration Wizard with option for Echanges vs. gr. of carbs
10.03.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.205Removed DB-Migration message.
10.03.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.113Removed DB-Migration message.
06.03.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.112Updated database layout
06.03.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.204Updated database layout
06.03.2009PCExe6.0.1167Fix: Change data storage location to "All users of this computer"
01.03.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.111Beta-date updated.
01.03.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.203Beta-date updated.
01.03.2009PCExe6.0.1166Beta-date updated.
All drivers updated to new V6-driver-model.
18.02.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.109-110Timer which saves dirty data disabled in Input-Panels like Exercise-Input.
Delete Exercise-Record by resetting all input boxes.
18.02.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.201-202Timer which saves dirty data disabled in Input-Panels like Exercise-Input.
Delete Exercise-Record by resetting all input boxes.
18.02.2009PCExe6.0.1165Fix: Webservice-Timeout.
Several meter drivers migrated into new V6 driver model.
13.02.2009PCExe6.0.1164Sync fixed & improved, Translated Templates, Tell-a-Friend-Button.
10.02.2009PCExe6.0.1163New: Sync for nutrition data
Fix: Sync of monthly data
Fix: Optionbutton removed for meanwhile deleted patients (import of meters)
New: Several templates: CT-Log-Book, Blood pressure, body weight, lab values etc.
New: Statistic time range 1 day / 1 week.
10.02.2009SmpMobile-Exe6.0.200First version with v5 functionality
+ New v6-database model
+ New statistical graphs
+ New trend
+ Display of lab dat values
+ New display of nutrition data
+ BE/KHE-Calculator
+ UDT-Tracking
+ Event-Tracking
+ Selection of basal profiles and temporary changes on basal profiles.
09.02.2009AsciiDriver6.0.9New: Import of cancel event of a temp. basal prfile change.
04.02.2009PCExe6.0.1162Fix: Sync (subscript out of range)
04.02.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.106Fix: Lab values.
New: Temp basal profile.
03.02.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.105Beta-expiry updated.
01.02.2009PCExe6.0.1161Beta-expiry updated.
01.02.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.104Beta-expiry updated.
30.01.2009PCExe6.0.1159-1160Menu controlled according the computer know-how-selection.
Synchronization with PPC.Net version.
28.01.2009PCExe6.0.1158Enhanced CGMS-Import: You can now import your CGMS data as a CGMS-datatype or as blood glucose levels.
28.01.2009OmronDriver6.0.3Updated Copyright-Information, Support of blindmode.
28.01.2009CleverChekDriver6.0.1-2Support of blindmode.
28.01.2009AsciiDriver6.0.8Enhanced CGMS-Import: You can now import your CGMS data as a CGMS-datatype or as blood glucose levels.
27.01.2009PCExe6.0.1157Fix: Import from flat file drivers (Ascii, SmartPix etc.) gave an abnormal driver termination error at the end
"Avoid duplicate copies" checkbox moved to the second last sequence from the last one (from below the grid showing the import values)
Added several language messages (Profile, Profile Wizard)
27.01.2009AsciiDriver6.0.7Enhanced Carelink import with several new events, carbs etc.
26.01.2009AsciiDriver6.0.6Fix for importing Carelink data with mmol/l
26.01.2009BeurerDriver6.0.2Fixed attributes of meters (like GL40 not talking)
bg import for extreme levels will be cut at HI/LO limits.
26.01.2009PCExe6.0.1155-1156Blindmode support within driver bridge
additional screens optimized for blindmode
21.01.2009PCExe6.0.1154Fix for saving UDT-values in detail-logbook
German context help updated (English help will come soon)
Default column time within detail logbook will recognize the current column instead of just applying the current system time.
19.01.2009PCExe6.0.1153Support of hourly basal profiles within pumper print template
new progress graphic for import of data
Defaults for new patients for lab and udt data.
15.01.2009BeurerDriver6.0.1Support for GL32, GL34, GL40, GL60
15.01.2009PCExe6.0.1151-1152Import drivers for Beurer meters
Restriction to a maximum of 100 columns for log-book view (required when having data from a CGM system)
Fix Migration-Wizard: Import of a remark saved on a second sheet in SiDIary V5
Jump to the first driver (manufacturer) name starting with the pressed letter
06.01.2009PCExe6.0.1150Fix for Grid-Control (Columns where overlapped irregularly)
06.01.2009PCExe6.0.1149New translations in English package
06.01.2009PPC.NetMobile-Exe6.0.101Start as pumper had several issues.
05.01.2009PCExe6.0.1148Zoom-Out Button in statistics screen. Directprint-Button in Statistics screen. New English language pack.
30.12.2008PCExe6.0.1145-1147Import from Abbott CoPilot (incl. import of mass data of Freestyle Navigator), Beta-expiry set to 01/31/2009
22.12.2008OmronDriver6.0.2Corrected timestamp from imported data.
12.12.2008PCExe6.0.1142-1144Connection of Omron bloodpressure devices, communication via native USB
12.12.2008OmronDriver6.0.1Import from Omron RX Genius (637 IT) and 705 IT.
01.12.2008PCExe6.0.1141Profilewizard: Load default med list. Startup-Screen: Recent patient opened
01.12.2008PCExe6.0.1140Beta-Expiry-Date updated.
21.11.2008PCExe6.0.1139Fix an abnormal termination in case that the update check call was blocked by a firewall.
18.11.2008PCExe6.0.11381136+1137 Internal Versions. Fix for Profile Wizard if opened for very first patient.
14.11.2008AsciiDriver6.0.4Import of CareLink csv-Files.
13.11.2008AsciiDriver6.0.3Import of Menarini Dialogue Ascii-Export files.
13.11.2008PCExe6.0.1135Profile-Wizard, Updatecheck with Changelog, Fix: lbs-Migration of V5-Data
13.11.2008PCExe6.0.1134Internal Version
12.11.2008PCExe6.0.1133Internal Version